Get Raped For Only 5000$

Best part of it, you don’t need an appointment.

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Koch Bros switch to Hillary

After famously supporting or creating the Tea Party Movement during the Obama years, the allegedly “libertarian” Koch Brothers now have switched to Hillary.

Which makes me wonder: What will Beck and Dana Loesch and Ben Shapiro now say that it’s Hillary or Trump? They gotta somehow deliver an explanation for fighting Trump now that the only opponent is Hillary. Or will they all switch to a Barista career?

Developing: Terror in Munich

Currently about 3 shooters with rifles are on the loose in Munich and have killed 6 people so far; widespread panik in the city, main station evacuated. Well Friday nights.

I’m 600 km to the North today, hope they got that cleaned up on sunday when I’ll go down to Munich again.

And, I am constantly amazed by people’s reaction to gunshots – they either just stand there or they run some direction. People, you’re doing it wrong. First, you drop to the ground, second, you crawl into hiding.

Well, left-green Germans.

video at Focus of initial attacker at a McD’s at Olympiazentrum

Heh: in one of the videos at Focus (which has its HQ in Munich) a reporter girl describes how panic broke out around her while she was at the Viktualienmarkt, “people ran in all directions”. See folks: As long as you don’t know where the shooter is it is pointless to run. Just drop. You’ll make a much smaller target – and the shooter can’t tell whether he already got you – he’ll continue shooting on the ones running.

3D Printer for 160 EUR

Prints stuff as large as 8x8x8 cm (about 3x3x3 inches) . German article, but the photos speak for themselves. Heise tested it and says, works rather well. Not a kit . Finished device.

For Americans: 160 EUR is currently 176 USD. Buy it here: