Why Deutsche Bank is still alive

It’s because Janet Yellen phoned Draghi and Kuroda in February.

Opening the spigots of Free Money. Buying time, destroying the currencies some more. Remember, BOJ, ECB and Fed are three heads of the same beast.

Compare Deutsche Bank chart at Comdirect.

….well it’s going down again already…. Time for the next phone call, Janet…

Open Source Release: ToonZ

One of the things I want to do in this blog is report about new products. ToonZ is not exactly new but what is new is that starting today it will be available for free.

It is an animation software used for Animes and animation series like Futurama; created by the Japanese Studio Ghibli 20 years or so ago. So it’s legendary. And it’s being released today as Open Source.


More here:



Kant as a Kalman filter

The last few years I dismissed Kant for what some say is his negation of causality, or, his claim that knowledge cannot be gained from sensual perception alone but only through perception and subsequent interpretation by our brains – which is a non-empiricist process. In other words, for Kant reality is not what we see but what we interpret that we see.

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