It’s Not Robots Or Immigrants Who Took Your Job After Depressing Your Wage

Not even immigrant robots. It’s women. Interesting observation by Vox Day at his blog.

Key quote:

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Film: Luc Besson Does “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.”

Good to see that France preserves its main cultural achievement on the Big Screen before perishing. VALERIAN is the best comic ever drawn, author Christin, illustrator Maiziere; a SF-time travel-secret agent-love affair mix that produced 30 or so comic albums since 1967 to the present.

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Rapamycin: Anti Aging Drug

As the name implies: A chemical produced by a fungus; from Rapa Nui, the Easter Island. English language article from Max Planck Institute.

And one at Daily Mail.

P.S.: Turns out Rapamycin or Sirolimus as it is also called is known since 1972 and used as an immunosuppressant drug in kidney transplants. So that’s a side effect you don’t necessarily want. Also, a 5 year trial with 1500 dogs of 25kg or above weight is underway to test whether it increases their life span. It worked in mice before with increases of 20 to 30% life span. The Dog study should be finished in 4 years or so.

How Soros’ Troubles Started

Recently more and more governments are kicking Soros’ NGO’s out or curtailing or investigating their operations. What I completely missed in the flurry of hacks, leaks and general mudslinging in the USA in the 2016 presidential campaign: Soros’ Open Society Institute got hacked as well and 2000+ documents released,

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Music: Klaus Schulze

Klaus Schulze (for the vowel shift impaired: you pronounce it “Clows Shooltse”) started as the drummer for Tangerine Dream in Berlin, then split off to create his own unique sound as an Analog Synthesizer musician.

Here’s a 1975 album from him. Notable additions to Tangerine Dream-style sequencing are the analog drums – well I should just say, drums, played by Klaus Schulze himself on the studio productions – and the sliding noises from the EMS Synthi, which he and Jean-Michel Jarre used a lot in the 1970ies.

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