Pizzagate Roundup Update

Claims in this video: Flynn was chased out of his job by Deep State intrigue because he investigated Pizzagate top suspects.

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Gary Numan as Tubeway Army: Are Friends Electric


Old Minimoog synth rock favorite of mine – 1979 – the 70ies were the decade of rhe MiniMoog and its mighty 24 db/Octave low pass filter…

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Merkel Declares All Illegal Immigrants To Be Germans

Merkel is the chancellor of Germany, female, member of the CDU (which used to be conservative, but today even the Lügenpresse of Germany only speaks of “conservative groups” in that party), ruling together with the social-democrat SPD in a coalition government. In her home province Mecklenburg-Vorpommern she held a speech on Sunday in which she said

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