MERKEL’s “Conservative” CDU And ANTIFA Want The Same Thing

I don’t get tired pointing this out. As we all know, Merkel has in 2015 invited all Muslim “refugees” to Germany and de facto illegally removed all borders; violating the Schengen treaty conditions and German constitutional law which says that only people from neighbouring countries can apply for asylum.

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Leftism Is Mental Illness, Scientists Find

after lying about it for a bit, of course – first they claimed conservatism was linked to psychosis, but then someone checked their numbers and they had to issue a correction.

They flipped a + into a – or something. Leftism is linked to psychosis, paper now says.

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Hamburgers Punch Nazis

Another video that shows the IQ of the normal Hamburger as slightly below room temperature. You call someone a Nazi and immediately every Hamburger says, oh yeah, that’s a Nazi, I’ll punch him because obviously he must be a Nazi. An American Nazi because obviously he speaks English with an American accent.

I found Hamburgers to be gullible brainwashed bastards when I was there and I see that things haven’t changed a bit.

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