Buy Your Daughter An Arianna Grande Concert Ticket!

Or the terrorists have won! Give your money to the Doughnut-licking Disney person!

In other news: Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, will NOT be illuminated in Union Jack colors. Reason obviously: BREXIT, and we can’t do that for any run of the mill islamic terror mass murder.

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Future Cities: 3D Elevators

Cities are useful because of connectivity. We maximize population density to maximize the benefits of this connectivity. (Of course, it also drives city dwellers mad, but that’s another story.)

The use of the third dimension is for now limited by elevator technology: As skyscrapers get taller you lose more and more space for more and more elevator shafts.

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Shädiläy! Pepe Is Dead! Kek Has Risen!

Of course, Americans have no clue what an Umlaut is but since Motörhead they know it means Heavy Metal. When Mötley Crü went on a tour in Germany, all the Germans were screamin “MÖT-LEY CRÜ” and the band had no idea what they were saying as the Germans simply thought it should be PRONOUNCED that way. Well anyway.

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Games: Nier Automata

I’m not playing games, I just watch when the kids are playing; and they don’t play Nier: Automata. So why am I mentioning it here? Well, I just cannot NOT write about it. It would be like not writing about Cowboy Bebop, or the Metropolis Anime. It would feel wrong and I would wake up in the middle of the night and think, damn, I haven’t written about Nier:Automata yet.

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