Somebody Actually Interviews Leftist Morons

As was to be expected, he found brain dead morons with not a hint of a clue.

So stupid it’s funny. Amazingly the Leftists didn’t resort to screaming, punching and hitting him with a bike lock over the head.

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Still No Evidence For Evolution

Talked to a guy in the train today who roundly slammed all kinds of “conspiracy theories” from Flat Earth over Hollow Earth to Creationism etc. Claimed that creationists don’t understand what Darwin wrote. Well Darwin’s books are online, I skimmed them for the juicy bits (he had some pointed opinions about the Irish), and got the gist of his writing.

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Raping German Joggers

Amazingly, some German women still JOG and of course wear their headphones. Given that hundreds of thousands of imported Muslims and Africans roam everywhere, most of them of unknown identity, most of them male and in their 20ies, most of them not working, and given the at least 8 times higher propensity of these people for violence compared to ethnic Germans, it is little surprise that nearly daily a female jogger gets dragged in the bushes and raped.

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Kevin Spacey Raped By Nazi

I’m a bit busy now and all that Hollywood Swamp business is too much and too crazy to actually track but, thankfully Mr Metokur did it for ya. And yes, after coming out as gay did nothing to detract from Kevin Spacey’s child molestation, Mr. Spacey decided to tell the Daily Mail that his Nazi father is to blame. Didn’t work either but, nice try and most definitely on the amusing side of things. But wait, there’s more… MUCH more…

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Car Guru Wants To Pay Musk For Electricity

Because, he’s rebuilt a salvaged Tesla car, hooked up to a supercharger and didn’t know that he has to pay if he stays too long on it (The first few minutes are free). But he didn’t have the Tesla phone app to do that. So he phoned them. See what happens. Spoiler, he’s pretty funny.

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Dis Jus Reality Here Now

says Black parent in following video. What reality you ask? Well that High Schools in Memphis TN invite crime-endorsing black rappers to perform in said schools as ROLE MODELS for the KEEDS.

To his credit, his music videos DO show basic crime techniques, so yes, better than nothing at all if you want your KEED to become a successful burglar. Way to go public school system!

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