Coach Red Pil About Black Panther

He went and saw it. Makes some interesting points. I see it as a bet of MARVEL to cater to the Black population and trying to knuckledrag whitey to love it or else you’re a racist. I think it will see a backlash for that tactic.

The movie is marketed the same way Femi-Ghostbusters was: Like it or you’re a mysogynist, here, a racist. Oh we saw that fail in The Last Jedi as well.

Personally, I *WANT* Hollywood to behave as piggish as possible because it will blow up their business model and wake people up to the manipulation.

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Tolerance-Obsessed Globalists Say Whites Deserve No Asylum

Canadian government says, genocide of white farmers in South Africa isn’t happening; is a racist lie by white supremacists; denies asylum requests.

Saving their families from the sadistic slaughter by black roving gangs, at least some of them probably military personnell, as now signal jammers are used to prevent the victims from calling for help, is NOT a reason that the white Globalist governments of Canada and very probably GERMANY accept.

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Music: VCV Rack : Klaus Schulze Simulation: Berlin In A Box

Klaus Schulze, since 1970ies, first drummer for Tangerine Dream, part of Krautrock movement, since mid 1970ies doing his own analog synth music using Big Moog Modular systems, EMS synthies etc.

He’s got a distinct meditative haunting style.

VCV Rack is an Open Source analog synth simulator. Somebody tried to make a patch that produces a Klaus Schulze like track. The name Berlin In A Box is a misnomer though: Klaus Schulze moved to Winsen An Der Luhe in rural Lüneburger Heide, a grazed / forested area in the Northern German plains, where he produces his calm music. You wouldn’t be able to produce that kind of music in crime ridden Metropolis Berlin. There’s no calm there at any time of day.

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German Journalists Hate Being Asked Questions

Tommy Robinson was in Cottbus. The city has been flooded with illegal Islamic immigrants by Merkel’s central government since 2015, there’s now been a big protest, Tommy Robinson was there and used the occasion to try to ask German journalists from the state media (ARD, Deutschlandfunk) and from oligarch media (RTL, owned by Bertelsmann) questions. He asks them how they will portray the German protesters against mass migration.

It’s funny to see them fade into the background. These journalists know how any interview can be used to manipulate, because that’s what their job is, and that’s what THEY do every day, so they refuse being interviewed as a vampire avoids sunlight.

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