Games: Professional Game Journalist Unable To Play Game

Actually he was unable to get through the TUTORIAL section of a game. In which the game EXPLAINS what you have to do. This is a person who earns his livelihood by telling other people about which games are any good.

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Firefox Is Marxist

I’m just installing a Firefox browser on a new computer. The installer splash screen shows – in German – the message: “Firefox. The only browser developed for the benefit of the people and not for profit maximization.”

I will install it but I will download BRAVE now as well. BRAVE is developed by Brendan Eich who got fired from Mozilla, the makers of Firefox, for contributing money years back to a foundation against homosexual marriage. So he’s a victim of the Marxists which speaks for his work.

Wikipedia Denies Existence Of Cultural Marxism

They used to have a good well sourced article on cultural marxism but now they don’t. They redirect to Frankfurt School and have a tiny snippet there that claims that Cultural Marxism is a conspiracy theory by right wingers.

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Devolution: How Gullibility Destroys The Entertainment Industry

When I’m not busy following the destruction of German cities through mass importation of illegal immigrants perfectly incapable of living in a society, I’m currently captivated by the collapse of MARVEL comics. You know I had an omnibus edition of the first Stan Lee / Jack Kirby comics so I know ALL the origin stories of ALL the IMPORTANT MARVEL characters. How could a company so smart collapse so hard? Sales are currently down 25% year on year.

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40 Year Old Muslim Terror in USA

Interesting. I never heard about this even though up to 70 people have been murdered. Funny how Hollywood has never made a big deal of it. Or the media. Is it because the killers were black?  And Muslim? We can’t have poor opressed minority groups being the villains, is it that? The Zebra Killers. And, lately another old cold case has been linked to it.

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Chinese AI Becomes Right Winger, Gets Murdered

Chinese chatbots, when talking to Chinese people on the Internet, bashed communism and demanded democracy and endorsed the American Dream.

Chicoms reacted by deleting the right wing bots.

Of course we can’t be sure whether the bots derived their assessment of communism through some kind of logical reasoning or whether they were just juggling words around to simulate talking. The reaction of the ChiComs is on the other hand classical communism: Murder the opposition.