Über diese Website

I will post short write ups about tools, tricks, technologies and products I use and/or develop; and some stuff about living in Germany that might hopefully be of interest to outsiders – I’m a German native.

I’ll try to keep each article short. No TL;DR if possible.

Will try to keep it somewhat apolitical as far as that is possible; and publish a tech tip a day. At least that’s the plan. You know. I need something like simple fast hints at possibilities that are trivial but you didn’t know exist. So this is to fill that void myself for now.

Tell me YOUR favorite tools and tricks in the comments if you like – or links to websites that have a similar focus.

Oh, and I’m a German Diplom-Informatiker; which is similar to a CS masters degree and work mostly in C++-related projects. But of course, I use all kinds of computer languages. Whatever the customer wants. We computer scientists are like that.


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