MSM Journalists Get Their Comeuppance

One story that people stopped believing in is that MSM journalists report reality. That movement of journalist-believers collapsed.

So it is little surprise that Newspaper reporter is now the worst job in America.

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SOROS’s “White Helmets” Are Terrorists In Their Other Job. And, We Have War.

“White Helmets” are Al Nusra, Al Qaeda or ISIS. Whatever.  Photo Comparison.

The “White Helmets” are the “Activists” cited by Western Media who “found out” about “Assad’s Gas attack”.

US fires 50 Tomahawk missiles at Syria.

That probably means the Russians will activate the S400 and shoot down every US plane over Syria.

So we have war, as always when the USA is involved, started by a False Flag.

Profiteers Of Perpetual War: The Kagans

The Kagan Clan rears its ugly head again. After being cut off from power under Trump / the America First movement they have reorganized and consolidated their power base, this time in the DNC. How much of this amazing staying power is grounded in the fact that they and their sympathizers meet in the same synagogue is anyone’s guess.

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Warmunism Is Communism Plus Genocide, UN Official Admits

Figueres is the offspring of a popular elected leader of Costa Rica. She and her brother though proved to be  just good enough to be installed as unelected UN bureaucrats.

In a meeting with Martin Armstrong, she, assuming Armstrong was sympathetic to the ideas of the UN, admitted:

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