PowerShell is Open Source now

Microsoft Blog Post

Github alpha version for Linux, Mac OS

I didn’t do much with it, as I recently did most of my scripting with AppJS and several

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Open Source Release: ToonZ

One of the things I want to do in this blog is report about new products. ToonZ is not exactly new but what is new is that starting today it will be available for free.

It is an animation software used for Animes and animation series like Futurama; created by the Japanese Studio Ghibli 20 years or so ago. So it’s legendary. And it’s being released today as Open Source.


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Windows : Using the command line Part 1

How can we make a Windows computer useable even without having admin rights? With useable I mean things like

  1. automate frequent file backup jobs
  2. navigate QUICKLY to your work directories
  3. start the programs you need in the directories you want, on the files you want.

and so on. This will be a series, we gotta build this from the ground up because I presume no knowledge at all about the command line – which is the normal case with my bosses these days it seems. Not a problem, it’s not difficult.

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About clip.exe

Since at least Windows 7, Windows comes with a commandline tool called clip.exe.

It puts a file or a line into the clipboard.

I use it to write very simple code generators; for instance you can call it from a .BAT file to fill the clipboard; so all you have to do after that is press ctrl v or shift insert in your editor and there’s your generated code snippet.

So why not use MSVC’s macro facility or Eclipse’s XTEXT? Well they’re sure nice tools but I have to switch dev environs so often I need something even simpler and IDE-independent so that’s why.