The Progressive Degeneration Of Government Science

Warmunism, particle physics, HIV research, “regaining” the ability to land a man on the moon are but four of the sectors that never get us useful discoveries or any sort of progress but are ultra successful in consuming the highest amounts of tax payer money.

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Groups, Stories, Movements And Their Collapse

Some of my word definitions that need to be written down as a basis for future analysis; which will enable us to make accurate predictions and save our money and our life from being engulfed in wholesale annihilation.

Philosophy is the preparation for war.

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Warmunism: Why Climate Models Do Not Work

I thought I’d link to this video. I keep on linking to it in comments on blogs to give non-mathematicians a glimpse at why the current Climate Models are entirely hopeless piles of crap so let’s have the link here as well. The long and short of it is, when a warmunist tells you that you have to use less fuel or electricity or what have you, understand that the only reason he can point to are the fraudulent claims of climate modelers that they have knowledge of future temperatures through their computer models. They DON’T. They’re just good at making the computer say what they want it to say. And that’s an old trick, used by Club Of Rome in Limits To Growth, and by Carl Sagan in Nuclear Winter: Both are just as fraudulent as warmunism.

So here goes:

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Infogalactic: Wikipedia Without Warmunist Watchdogs

Hello climate sceptics. Help build up a realistic picture of the state of climate research at Infogalactic, a fork of wikipedia without William Connolley and the rest of his gang.

For those who have not yet heard of the Infogalactic project, here is Vox Day talking about Infogalactic and Infogalactic News. It’s basically a non-SJW-infested alternative to what we have now. Throw gab into the mix as alternative to Prince Alwaleed-owned SJW twitter with their censorship of right wing voices. Ironically it’s Trump who currently keeps them alive after all their purges.

Here’s the infogalactic page about Vox Day. I shall henceforth make it a habit to link to infogalactic instead of wikipedia. Let’s push this project. wikipedia can spiral off into their convoluted warmunist epicycles.

Vox Day is a figure of the Alt Right so for those of you who now twitch in horror, you better just listen to the guy for a bit instead of believing the same SJW-infested media that lied to you about Global Warming their lies about the Alt Right. Thank you for your time and effort if you actually go and fix what’s wrong with the current copy of warmunist drivel that is in the Infogalactic copy of wikipedia.