Science: Water Droplets On Standing Waves


Video shows experiments with standing waves and water droplets bouncing on them, plus a similar experiment aboard the ISS with air bubbles inside a water sphere exposed to sound waves.

Update: Quantum Mechanics modelled by water droplets video added.

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Electric Universe: Newton’s Mistake

Claim by Robert Otey: When Newton applied Kepler’s equations to get to his formula of gravity he erroneously added the product of the masses. Kepler only described motion and didn’t talk about masses.

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Consciousness Is Creation: Turning Noise Into Chaos Into Order

This is going to be as deep as it can get; at the borderline of philosophy and mathematics. Let’s start by laying the ground work. Watch this AMAZING lecture by Jordan Peterson esp. from 16:00 on in which he explains the concept of Yin and Yang, “Chaos” vs. “Order” as understood in Taoism.

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