SOROS’s “White Helmets” Are Terrorists In Their Other Job. And, We Have War.

“White Helmets” are Al Nusra, Al Qaeda or ISIS. Whatever.  Photo Comparison.

The “White Helmets” are the “Activists” cited by Western Media who “found out” about “Assad’s Gas attack”.

US fires 50 Tomahawk missiles at Syria.

That probably means the Russians will activate the S400 and shoot down every US plane over Syria.

So we have war, as always when the USA is involved, started by a False Flag.

SOROS’ “White Helmets” Botch It; Announce “Assad’s” “Nerve Gas Attack” One Day Early

Doozy. Reminds you of the BBC proclaiming collapse of WTC Building 7 20 minutes earlier. With the building still standing in the view behind the reporter.

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Profiteers Of Perpetual War: The Kagans

The Kagan Clan rears its ugly head again. After being cut off from power under Trump / the America First movement they have reorganized and consolidated their power base, this time in the DNC. How much of this amazing staying power is grounded in the fact that they and their sympathizers meet in the same synagogue is anyone’s guess.

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Ghost Of Michael Hastings Comes To Haunt The CIA

Hastings died in 2013 in a car explosion and fire. A Mercedes; a car not particularly prone to exploding on its own. Besides, NO investigation into the causes happened in German car industry. (Just like skyscraper builders saw no reason to change the way they build skyscrapers after 9/11.)

Now we know from wikileaks VAULT 7 that the CIA did investigate car hacking.

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