Somebody Up The Prescription For Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence, young Hollywood actress, famous for leading roles in chick flics, recently stated that Hurricane Harvey was “mother! Nature’s” wrath for voting for Trump.

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Trannies Love To Lug Machine Guns Around

Or at least that’s what Hollywood celebrities want to make people believe. Hollywood Gay Left In MeltDown over Trump rejecting transpeople from military service.

Military obviously doesn’t want to pay for breast implants and penis chopping etc etc.

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Under Obama, ISIS Flourished. Under Trump, ISIS Died.

That shows how INSANE all Leftists and all their media are. The media refuse to observe this simple connection. The Left continues to worship OBAMA and his reign even though it was the years when the CIA systematically built up Syrian Jihadis, as zerohedge documents.

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Leftist Army Busy Rewriting The Present

Millions of leftists, whether in the media or in the schools, work feverishly to shape your perception of reality into a vision of bizarroworld, where Trump is a bumbling idiot and Clinton is a genius. Leftist worker drones are busy photoshopping student yearbooks, erasing Trump and MAGA slogans from students’ clothing, and administrators apologize when a student manages to sneak in a Trump quote and recall the yearbooks for “inappropriate content”.

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Merkel: Trump Is Destroying The Universe

MERKEL is an arch-globalist – and warmunism is the primary weapon of the globalists to enslave all nations under a world dictatorship. So, she doesn’t REALLY believe it. But, she said it: The Paris Climate Treaty is necessary “to preserve creation”. In other words, TRUMP is about to literally destroy all of creation. Source – German State Media:

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