MERKEL’s Party CDU Gaslights About Mass Immigration

After Bavarian branch CSU demanded a decision containing a “maximum” of 200,000 refugees per year immigration, CDU and CSU made a “compromise”. It’s a joke with the only purpose of deluding the public.

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Poor Jinx MERKEL Never Gets It Right

You know, she’s a conservative forreals; and she didn’t WANT to open all borders for millions of Arabs but there they were, what could SHE do.

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Middle Eastern Tribes Wage War In Germany

Northern Germany, Peine, small steelworks town, 50,000 inhabitants, many Kurdish and Turkish immigrants living there: Syrian/palestinian “refugees” show their gratitude to Germany by throwing rocks, damaging cars of the locals. Video.

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Syrian “Refugee” Knifes Passer By In Regensburg, Bavaria

German Source.

Regensburg is normally not part of the heavily islamized zones Hamburg, Berlin, NRW, Frankfurt. The attack was done with a 10 cm long knife, stab in the back, injuring the victim critically. Syrian perpetrator did not know the victim. Happened at 11 a.m. in the central shopping district. A few guys gave chase and held the Syrian until Police arrived. Victim was critically injured, rushed to hospital and survived. I guess a punctured lung. 23year old perp, 29 year old male victim.

As is the norm in these cases, the Syrian “refugee” (this one lives under asylum since 2013 in Germany) gets called not-a-terrorist not-a-jihadist but mentally ill. And it has nothing to do with Sura 9 Verse 5 of the Quran, which demands the killing of as many unbelievers as possible.

So: You are nowhere safe in Germany. And: This low intensity warfare is only reported in the respective local papers. I find these reports randomly. I DO NOT SEARCH SYSTEMATICALLY. I WOULD FIND AT LEAST ONE A DAY, MANY LETHAL. This is systematic killing, purposely covered up by the Merkel government – as we now have a STREAM of “mentally ill” “refugee” attackers; it can only be an order from above to declare all of them mentally ill immediately – and the collaborating Slimestream Media.

How Soros’ Troubles Started

Recently more and more governments are kicking Soros’ NGO’s out or curtailing or investigating their operations. What I completely missed in the flurry of hacks, leaks and general mudslinging in the USA in the 2016 presidential campaign: Soros’ Open Society Institute got hacked as well and 2000+ documents released,

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Profiteers Of Perpetual War: The Kagans

The Kagan Clan rears its ugly head again. After being cut off from power under Trump / the America First movement they have reorganized and consolidated their power base, this time in the DNC. How much of this amazing staying power is grounded in the fact that they and their sympathizers meet in the same synagogue is anyone’s guess.

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