Keep Your Eyes Open On German Rail Stations

Situational awareness is key. Two incidents: Two North Africans threw a guy on the tracks, then prevented him from getting back up. Operator of incoming train managed to stop in time, a few meters from the victim; then German state attorneys RELEASED THE PERPS the same day.

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1960ies Quality Engineering: The Lunar Lander

Bonus edition. Unprofessional analysis by a guy who clearly doesn’t know ANYTHING about real engineering of a high quality photo of the Lunar Lander! Taken on the moon!

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Canada And Germany Have Been Captured By Islam-Loving Marxists


Nothing new. Well the USA as well until they voted Trump into office. But, two new datapoints that make your blood boil.

Exhibit 1:

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SWATTING By Facebook In Germany

This just happened; a few days ago 450 police stormed two flats in Goettingen, Lower Saxony, to snatch two “islamist” “Gefaehrder” (ppl assumed to be potential Jihadists; the word roughly translates to “threats”).

Being on a roll, they yesterday stormed another flat in small town Gifhorn north of Braunschweig, also Lower Saxony. Because that 41 yr old guy seemed to have a Facebook profile

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