Simple Way Of Duplicating Keys

Consider this a warning. In the following video, an ordinary key as used in most houses is photographed with a cellphone, then duplicated using a CAD program and a 3D printer using 100 micrometer resolution – something that any 200 USD 3D printer is capable of.

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Control Your Harddisk Usage on Windows with SequoiaView

A great tool to scan harddisk drives under Windows and show proportional usage of folder structures and files in one big picture is SequoiaView. Example image on the page.

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Learn To Speak Multiple Languages


Well I speak my native German and have always excessively used English due to a personal love affair with the language, and besides that I can order drinks in French and Italian. But here’s the Italian METATRON who developed his own technique to learn to speak 10 languages. And it’s a very effortless and logical technique.

15min video:

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