Robots: They Are Building Gigantic Jails For Humans Now

Robot apocalypse continues apace. While 3d printing houses looked inefficient as long as we imagined it to be a cartesian frame 3d printer needed to be erected over the volume of the house to be, Australians have done away with that need by using a gigantic robot arm – in the form of a crane with laser-guided position feedback control, allowing precise placement of bricks.

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Robots: They Have Evolved Giant Upper Bodies

Robots have evolved to twice the size of a man, sporting human-like upper arms. Thankfully, the legs are still missing so maybe there is time to run away.

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Tools: AlternativeTo.Net; Face Generators; MakeHuman

I frequently look for free and preferrably Open Source software to amp up my tools collection. So, let’s say I have a need of creating human actors for a 3D simulation, let’s find solutions that facilitate the generation of human faces.

During these searches I frequently came across, a list of tools and possible alternatives. Useful site.

As to the face generator, why would I want one?

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How To Get Down A Mountain Really Fast

I’ve read about the concept a number of years ago, later heard that the company building it went bankrupt, but I hadn’t noticed they actually finished their first realization of the concept: The Mountaincoaster.

In Switzerland, Churwalden. 5 minutes to get down from a Hotel on the mountain to the village in the valley.

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