Music: VCV Rack : Klaus Schulze Simulation: Berlin In A Box

Klaus Schulze, since 1970ies, first drummer for Tangerine Dream, part of Krautrock movement, since mid 1970ies doing his own analog synth music using Big Moog Modular systems, EMS synthies etc.

He’s got a distinct meditative haunting style.

VCV Rack is an Open Source analog synth simulator. Somebody tried to make a patch that produces a Klaus Schulze like track. The name Berlin In A Box is a misnomer though: Klaus Schulze moved to Winsen An Der Luhe in rural Lüneburger Heide, a grazed / forested area in the Northern German plains, where he produces his calm music. You wouldn’t be able to produce that kind of music in crime ridden Metropolis Berlin. There’s no calm there at any time of day.

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Music: Klaus Schulze

Klaus Schulze (for the vowel shift impaired: you pronounce it “Clows Shooltse”) started as the drummer for Tangerine Dream in Berlin, then split off to create his own unique sound as an Analog Synthesizer musician.

Here’s a 1975 album from him. Notable additions to Tangerine Dream-style sequencing are the analog drums – well I should just say, drums, played by Klaus Schulze himself on the studio productions – and the sliding noises from the EMS Synthi, which he and Jean-Michel Jarre used a lot in the 1970ies.

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