1962: America Invents Ginormous Rocket, Throws It Away: The Sea Dragon

Too funny. 550 tons payload to LEO. Dirt cheap price per kg: 60 to 600 bucks. Space Shuttle was 15,000.

Sea Dragon.

Cost projection validated by NASA. The stupidity.


Putin Advances Into Korea, Californian Representative Says

And she’s making it sound like it’s a bad thing. I’m so confused. The only Korea she could be talking about is North Korea as Russia has no land border to South Korea. Or maybe a maritime invasion?

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Pond Scum God Makes Everything Better! Oh Wait…

The creed of the evolutionist is that the blind creator god Evolution – which I love to call the Pond Scum god – and which is of course a re-iteration of the DemiUrge of the gnostics – automatically makes everything better.

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