Two Women Compete For Victim Points

One real, one fake, both crazy.

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Why Did American Blacks Never Demand Independence?

If the White Devil suppresses them, then why do they not want to separate themselves from the Whites?

And who wrote MLK’s speeches?

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APPLE Is Deeply Problematic

American colleges churn out millions of little SJW’s with little prospect of gainful employment each year, and their student debt is the only kind of debt that still requires meaningful interest payments. So it’s little wonder that they desperately scurry around trying to find SOMETHING that requires their scorn, hoping to troll their way to viral amounts of clicks. Enter the search phrase “Deeply Problematic” which inevitably leads you to their efforts in writing.

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Kremlin Continues War Against Women By Removing Their Makeup

In their seething hatred against all things Western especially feminism, they had one of their Russian propagandists create an app that removes (resp. adds) Makeup from (resp. to) a face.

As with all things Russian, the app is pure evil. Like Nazi level evil.

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Leftist Cesspool NeoGAF Implodes

NeoGAF, huge leftist gaming forum with the strictest groupthink requirements – banning anyone who questions the PC narrative – self-immolates due to the owner of the website, Evilore, being accused of serial sexual harrassment. Many GAFfers demand to be banned, 9 admins and mods have quit.

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LGBT People Demand And Achieve The Right To Intentionally Infect People With AIDS

In California. That’s funny. I understand all sorts of sexual fetishes but not the desire to give other people incurable deadly diseases – and I most definitely do not understand why politicians favor this. If Jerry Brown wants more sick and dying people, why does he want to import illegal immigrants?

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