Canadian Total State Will Snatch And Probably Mutilate Children

The parasitic cultural Marxists a.k.a. SJW’s that infiltrate Western governments have, in Trudeau’s Total State, managed to push through Bill 89 which empowers the Total State to steal your child if you disagree with his idea of what gender he is of.

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Kathy Griffin Gets Atheism

One of many articles with her posing with a beheaded Trump.

She is a leftist atheist comediennen and she illustrates my point about atheists perfectly: They are absolutely determined to kill anyone who stands in their way. Any human being can be killed if he stands in the way of atheist Leftism.

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The X-Men: Salvation Through Matter Alone

Or, Erloesung Des Menschen Durch Sich Selbst – Salvation of the Human through himself.

What is SALVATION? It is the salvation from the limitations of a mortal body
and the decaying physical matter that body is made of. A transcendence of the physical laws of a world that limits us. In Christian terms, a liberation from the fallen world.

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Comic: More About Marvel’s Collapse

Interesting, because it is such a perfect example of the fate of an SJW-converged organisation. There’s no turning back, this is a total wipe out. AND, I found the channel of “Diversity & Comics”, a comic creator himself who churns out tons of detailed analysis for a month now. And he’s sardonic. Which I like.

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