Methadone Improves Lifespan Of Cancer Patients

Opioid Methadone, often used as Heroin replacement therapy, weakens tumor cell’s resistance against chemotherapy and radiation and sometimes outright kills them on its own. German chemist Dr. Claudia Friesen discovered this accidentally in 2007 while trying to explore opioid chemistry, using cancer cells as test candidates.

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The Problem With Radiometric Dating Methods

This video by Dr. Jim Mason talks about the principal method of dating objects by measuring the ratio  between radionucleide isotopes and their respective decay products, and how it fails.

Specifically, newly formed volcanic material was dated and the results are all over the place in the millions of years range. When the result should have been about 50 years.

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Vaccination Does Not Stop The Spread Of Infections

Because current vaccines are not designed to do that. Rather, they are designed to suppress disease symptoms in the infected.

Says Harvard Immunologist.

Currently, No one has a financial interest in eradicating disease. (There might be a moral one – but currently it is not acted upon.) They do have an interest in keeping you alive. It’s two different things. The latter IS a service that might have a high enough value for you to want to buy it.

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The Progressive Degeneration Of Government Science

Warmunism, particle physics, HIV research, “regaining” the ability to land a man on the moon are but four of the sectors that never get us useful discoveries or any sort of progress but are ultra successful in consuming the highest amounts of tax payer money.

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