Race, IQ And Genetics

Kraut+Tea, a German-British-Jewish youtuber, has tried for the past 6 months to dispute a genetic cause for differences in measured average IQ between races. Every one of his at least 4 videos that he published was dissected in excrutiating detail by a Quebequoise – Jean Francois Gariépy, or JF for short. JF is a geneticist. His response videos are two to 3 times longer than what he responds to, but, if you do have the time, or time to kill, here we go.

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Earth Absorbs 1000 TEv Neutrinos

By measuring the amount of 1000 TEv neutrino collisions they get in a neutrino detector 1 cubic kilometer of ice – counting Tschernenko radiation flashes, blue light – over a day scientists discovered that the core of the Earth absorbs many 1000 TEv neutrinos. Lower energy neutrinos pass through undeterred, but around 1000 TEv there’s a resonance or something and many of them get absorbed , leading to particle showers in the core of the Earth and amongst others, production of electrons.

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Oldest Zero Dated To 200 AD

Oldest symbolic representation of the zero, represented by a dot, dated to an age of 1800 years, reports SPIEGEL here.  Found in a tutorial for merchants found in Pakistan.

Usually the zero was supposed to have been invented in India in 900 AD. But, it’s older than that.


Romans BTW were master engineers – yet they had a ludicrously complicated number system, making it impossible for them to do e.g. as complicated astronomical calculations like the Mayas did at the same time. The reason for their inability was that they had no zero and had to use different symbols for each magnitude. X for ten, C for hundred etc.

That’s why the zero is such an important symbol.

Methadone Improves Lifespan Of Cancer Patients

Opioid Methadone, often used as Heroin replacement therapy, weakens tumor cell’s resistance against chemotherapy and radiation and sometimes outright kills them on its own. German chemist Dr. Claudia Friesen discovered this accidentally in 2007 while trying to explore opioid chemistry, using cancer cells as test candidates.

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