The USA Owes All Of Its Inventions To…

Well I won’t spoil the fun. Google should now, right? So Let’s Google-Image-search:

American Inventors

Imagine what they would have made of the Kongo had they not been brought to the USA.

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Madonna’s Attempt To Connect To Marxist Youth Fails

Sells just 3k copies after confession at Women’s March that she thinks an awful lot about becoming a terrorist.

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Devolution: How Gullibility Destroys The Entertainment Industry

When I’m not busy following the destruction of German cities through mass importation of illegal immigrants perfectly incapable of living in a society, I’m currently captivated by the collapse of MARVEL comics. You know I had an omnibus edition of the first Stan Lee / Jack Kirby comics so I know ALL the origin stories of ALL the IMPORTANT MARVEL characters. How could a company so smart collapse so hard? Sales are currently down 25% year on year.

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MTV Mental Health Award Ceremony

The election of Trump has turned Katy Perry from a Latex miniskirt wearing bombshell into an unremarkable short-haired shell of her former self. I’m fascinated by this collapse like I’m currently following the collapse of MARVEL Comics with bated breath.

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Propaganda: Mr. Magoo Kills The White Thugs Who Murder All The Poor Blacks

Mr. Magoo Bruce Willis has been exhumed for a new movie or maybe it’s his computer ghost. Well it’s playing in Chicago and it’s of course propaganda from start to finish.

You can’t show Black on Black gun violence in a movie. You must always lie.

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Canada Declares Damnatia Memoria On Non-Leftist PM

Following the tradition of Roman God-Emperors, wiping out historical records of past rulers who fell in disfavor, Trudeau has requested to delete all of former non-leftist Prime Minister Harper from Google search results.

Google obediently complied.

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