Google Continues Its SJW War

Google SJW’s amp up policy of torched Web.

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Games: Mass Effect Andromeda: The Game For The Modern Social Justice Warrior Kid

basically, Canadian BioWare is an SJW company. Now, I looked up the cutscene of the infamously painful-to-watch ending of the original Mass Effect trilogy and it was one big Multiculti Kumbayah. The trilogy itself seemed to be full of pseudophilosophical drivel and a real bad impression of a Palmer Eldritch-like character. I can’t even, literally shaking.

The new game is MUCH WORSE. And the lead designer is a raging anti-white racist.

“The ugly face of Bioware, gaming’s hive of SJW bigotry, dumb design and regress. LET’S BOYCOTT NOW! ”

I fully agree. Punish them and let this abomination tank like the Feminist Ghost Busters.

“Ugly Face” is to be taken LITERALLY: They intentionally disfigured allĀ  female characters into ugly butches just to stick it to the fans.

Also, the entire game looks like shit. Guess they were so busy pouring their money into figuring out the identity politics they didn’t care for graphics.

BTW the PS4 Ratchet & Clank has some BEAUTIFUL designs. That feminist electro dinosaur hunting game; whatsitsname, Horizon Zero Dawn as well, if you can stomach the Noble Savage Feminist story. As often seen recently, a tiny Mary Sue girl beats up bigger and maler enemies. Well. But the gameplay’s got some great ideas. Speaking of Mary Sue’s, that’s what the new Star Wars movies are all about as well so dropping George Lucas did NOTHING to salvage anything there.

(A Mary Sue is a stereotypical perfect character without flaws that makes all other characters pale into insignificance.)

(How do I know about games? My nephew plays a lot of them. I can watch him and save the hassle of doing it myself.)

(Why do I blog about mass Effect? I first found vlogs complaining about it and it’s now Google News propaganda frontpage material. So this abomination must be actively fought.)

AfD Uses Milo Tactics, Successfully Trolls The Left

At Magdeburg University, AfD -German anti immigration anti EU party- got invited by AfD friendly student group to have a neurologist professor hold a lecture about the difference between the male and female brain.

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Globalism Is Being Dumped Because Everyone Intelligent Knows It’s A Failure

Globalism as promoted by the big Oligarch foundations – in Germany, the politcally most active one is Bertelsmann Foundation – Bertelsmann being the biggest media publisher here -demands:

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Pay 10K USD To Have Unhealthy Lifestyles Promoted To You: TED

Guess they ran through all original ideas and now all that’s left is pushing Political Correctness. Oh wait, no I watched a TED video years ago of a sociologist endorsing the Cuban economy because it’s too hard for him to choose from a hundred different styles of Jeans trousers. Yeah, they always had some complete morons.

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