Putin Did It, Says Morgan Freeman

What did he do, according to US actor and POC Morgan Freeman? Well, HE MADE US DISTRUST OUR MEDIA.

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Things To Say To A Burqa-Wearing Woman

The BBC recommends in a video what you can say to a woman wearing a Burqa. The video is in a language I don’t know but it has subtitles.

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Polish MP Korwin-Mikke: The EU Must Be Destroyed

Also; he gets interviewed by Pierce Morgan. Astonishingly Pierce Morgan is not the biggest pig at the BBC, but then, the competition at the Fabian socialist BBC is stiff.

I feel entitled to use the word pig because it is part of Pierce Morgan’s vernacular as you shall witness.

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Leftism Is Mental Illness, Scientists Find

after lying about it for a bit, of course – first they claimed conservatism was linked to psychosis, but then someone checked their numbers and they had to issue a correction.

They flipped a + into a – or something. Leftism is linked to psychosis, paper now says.

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