Leftism Is Mental Illness, Scientists Find

after lying about it for a bit, of course – first they claimed conservatism was linked to psychosis, but then someone checked their numbers and they had to issue a correction.

They flipped a + into a – or something. Leftism is linked to psychosis, paper now says.

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History Of Cultural Marxism

Very good video about WHY and to which purpose the communist Jews of the Frankfurt School developed Cultural Marxism. Spoiler: To destroy society. Making it functionally equivalent to Frankism. In other words, Frankism without a Jewish Messiah.

In places like EVERGREEN STATE COLLEGE or the MERKEL GOVERNMENT in BERLIN we see it at work today.

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Canada Descends Into Postmodernist Madness

Trudeau government throws out all evidence in rape accusation cases so that every accused can be jailed. Postmodernism says that reason, logic and facts are tools of the patriarchy (well, actually, the French postmodernists called it capitalism but that’s been rephrased to patriarchy so that the communist nature of postmodernism is better hidden.)

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Film: 1981: ROAR: We just hope that nobody dies

Old story but psychologically interesting, and I only just discovered it. Tippi Hedren was the lead actress in Hitchcocks “Birds” where he exposed her to live trapped birds that attacked her. Looks like she enjoyed it – because she later embarked on producing the film¬†Roar where she exposed herself AND her daughter,¬†Melanie Griffith, to the attacks of lions and other wild animals.

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