Leftists Are Crazy People

Antifa is today starting their civil war against the American population so I was looking around a little. As always, it is not possible to determine whether what I found is genuine Leftism or its parody; but in any case, enjoy.

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Leftist Cesspool NeoGAF Implodes

NeoGAF, huge leftist gaming forum with the strictest groupthink requirements – banning anyone who questions the PC narrative – self-immolates due to the owner of the website, Evilore, being accused of serial sexual harrassment. Many GAFfers demand to be banned, 9 admins and mods have quit.

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Crazy Leftists Want Female Athletes Run Over By Bulldozers

Leftists demand that Australian NFL – Australian football being similar to Rugby – “get their house in order” regarding allowing biological males on hormones to compete against females.

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Yeah you read that right. One hundred thousand Dollars. That’s how much PUTIN spent to derail Hillary’s one billion Dollar campaign and bring his agent TRUMP into the White House.

And how did he do it? Simple. With Facebook Ads and Pokemon Go. Don’t take it from me. Take it from CNN, The most Trusted Name In News.


LGBT People Demand And Achieve The Right To Intentionally Infect People With AIDS

In California. That’s funny. I understand all sorts of sexual fetishes but not the desire to give other people incurable deadly diseases – and I most definitely do not understand why politicians favor this. If Jerry Brown wants more sick and dying people, why does he want to import illegal immigrants?

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Autumn Storm Paralyses Railways In Northern Germany

After a 2 hour storm front on Thursday (Storm “Xavier”, and no, that’s a French or English name but not a German one, guess German meteorologists are keen to show their multiculturalism) wreaked havoc on the North German plains and coast, throwing trees down, killing 7 people with said trees, all far distance trains in the North got cancelled. Now I was travelling a day later, on Friday, expecting services to be back up but no such luck.

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