Somebody Up The Prescription For Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence, young Hollywood actress, famous for leading roles in chick flics, recently stated that Hurricane Harvey was “mother! Nature’s” wrath for voting for Trump.

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Basketball Of The Mentally Disabled

I didn’t know this exists. There’s a paralympics discipline for that. To count as mentally disabled you have to have an IQ of max 75. I’m not interested in Sports disabled or abled so what do I know. Well a while ago Spain decided to win the Gold medal in that discipline so they faked it and won.

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MTV Mental Health Award Ceremony

The election of Trump has turned Katy Perry from a Latex miniskirt wearing bombshell into an unremarkable short-haired shell of her former self. I’m fascinated by this collapse like I’m currently following the collapse of MARVEL Comics with bated breath.

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Google Blacklists More And More Independent News Channels

The Silicon Valley SJW Mafia now blacklists entire channels and demonetizes nearly all their videos when their opinion is not leftist. The reason given is that they are controversial and not suited for ALL ADVERTISERS. So the only way to earn money on youtube is to cater to ALL ADVERTISERS which means, being leftist.

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Devolution: Entire Generations Worship 6 Seconds Of Audio

Very interesting. This is the history of a drum break played in 1969, sampled in the early 1980ies, leading to thousands of techno, acid, and jungle pieces, endlessly repeating its components, creating a multi generational industry.

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