Humanity Creates Furby Organ

Video follows. Guy is a bit annoying but, watch it through, it’s so great.

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Jewish Transwoman Plans World Revolution

Pretty much EXACTLY 100 years after Lenin and Trotzky overthrew the Russian transitionary government (after the abdication of the Czar) with the help of 70 German 08/15 Machine Guns and a bunch of money from the German government and from the NYC bankers, here’s somebody who suggests the exact same thing while transitioning to become a woman and waving his/her arms around like an MTV presenter.

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Get Your Own Crazy Person At Amazon

Amazon sells an electronic simulation of a crazy person. The device also serves as spyware. All in all, sounds like a fantastic deal. The simulation is called Alexa and manages to simulate a crazy person by using wikipedia – an encyclopedia written by real crazy persons.

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Cultural Appropriation

If you dare to dress as an Indian on Halloween the Left accuses you of Cultural Appropriation. (For some reason they are perfectly fine with Hollywood appropriating Jewish culture in the Frankenstein movies – which is clearly based on the Jewish Golem myth, let alone the name FRANKEN as in Al Franken or STEIN as in Harvey Weinstein; or Hollywood appropriating Egyptian culture in The Mummy, or German culture in Indiana Jones And The Raiders Of The Lost Ark, see Himmler’s Unternehmen Ahnenerbe).

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