Under Obama, ISIS Flourished. Under Trump, ISIS Died.

That shows how INSANE all Leftists and all their media are. The media refuse to observe this simple connection. The Left continues to worship OBAMA and his reign even though it was the years when the CIA systematically built up Syrian Jihadis, as zerohedge documents.

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Leftism Is Mental Illness, Scientists Find

after lying about it for a bit, of course – first they claimed conservatism was linked to psychosis, but then someone checked their numbers and they had to issue a correction.

They flipped a + into a – or something. Leftism is linked to psychosis, paper now says.

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Hamburg G20 AntiFa War: When You’re Nice To The Terrorists They Don’t Kill You!

Reports are appearing in German MSM that Hamburg residents are flabbergasted by the destruction wreaked by AntiFa; especially the complete destruction of a drugstore 100m from the local AntiFa Headquarters Rote Flora. The Rote Flora is an old factory building illegaly occupied by AntiFa for 30 years or so, and as German city governments especially SPD are wont to do they bought the run down lot from the owner and let AntiFa squat there for free.

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Canada Descends Into Postmodernist Madness

Trudeau government throws out all evidence in rape accusation cases so that every accused can be jailed. Postmodernism says that reason, logic and facts are tools of the patriarchy (well, actually, the French postmodernists called it capitalism but that’s been rephrased to patriarchy so that the communist nature of postmodernism is better hidden.)

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The Left Wages War On Freedom

Canada: You can now go to jail for not using the pronouns another person wants used when talking to her/him/vey/it. Trudeau calls jailing people for using wrong words “#LoveIsLove”.

Germany: The SPD-CDU coalition government threatens anyone who utters prohibited words -that they call hate speech- on the Internet with 5 years of jail. MAAS, the justice minister, says “we need to protect our free society [from WORDS that someone says]”. Well it’s not a free society when you jail people for words.

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Leftist Army Busy Rewriting The Present

Millions of leftists, whether in the media or in the schools, work feverishly to shape your perception of reality into a vision of bizarroworld, where Trump is a bumbling idiot and Clinton is a genius. Leftist worker drones are busy photoshopping student yearbooks, erasing Trump and MAGA slogans from students’ clothing, and administrators apologize when a student manages to sneak in a Trump quote and recall the yearbooks for “inappropriate content”.

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