A Few Nice Ones From The Great Meme War

The Vile Faceless Minions and the channers are waging a war of scorched Earth on CNN. Mark Dice has a few rather good ones.

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Dead Globalists: Zbigniew Brzenzinski

Amazingly, a mere SIX DAYS after the death of top Globalist David Rockefeller on MAR 20, 2017, World Frog Day – his globalist fellow Zbigniew Brzenziski died. I only now noticed. Source wikipedia

Author of The Great Chessboard, planner of new land war in central Asia, author of America In The Technotronic Age, security advisor of Carter, father of MSNBC’s pseudo-conservative and Never-Trumper Mika Brzezinski. Brz is the mastermind of weaponizing Islam against the USSR, basically the father of modern terrorist Islam – he gave them the idea and organized the weapons shipments, lots of Stinger manpads against USSR gunship choppers, delivered to the Mujaheddin who mutated into the Taliban and Al Qaida.

The curse of Kek hangs over the Globalists. They are dying.

Shädiläy! Pepe Is Dead! Kek Has Risen!

Of course, Americans have no clue what an Umlaut is but since Motörhead they know it means Heavy Metal. When Mötley Crü went on a tour in Germany, all the Germans were screamin “MÖT-LEY CRÜ” and the band had no idea what they were saying as the Germans simply thought it should be PRONOUNCED that way. Well anyway.

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