Red Ice TV: Gilad Atzmon

Swedish Red Ice is known for unashamed whiteness. So what happens when they interview Gilad Atzmon, a Jewish musician and writer living in Italy?

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The Luciferian Doctrine

The Luciferian Doctrine claims that Satan is not evil but in fact the bringer of knowledge. Imported from the Middle East by the Templars, it continued in various masonic orders, was made public by Helena Blavatsky, occultist and esoteric, as “The Secret Doctrine”, and culminated in todays New World Order; propagated by H G Wells – who was a member of the Fabian society. The Fabian Society runs the UK Labor party as their front to this day.

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Commentary Magazine: The Home Of War

The “NeoCons” have, in the Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama years, inflicted war on many countries in the Middle East and wrote about it in their infamous “Project For A New American Century” (a propaganda name) and in their “7 countries in 5 years” memo.

Where do they come from?

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Profiteers Of Perpetual War: The Kagans

The Kagan Clan rears its ugly head again. After being cut off from power under Trump / the America First movement they have reorganized and consolidated their power base, this time in the DNC. How much of this amazing staying power is grounded in the fact that they and their sympathizers meet in the same synagogue is anyone’s guess.

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