The Luciferian Doctrine

The Luciferian Doctrine claims that Satan is not evil but in fact the bringer of knowledge. Imported from the Middle East by the Templars, it continued in various masonic orders, was made public by Helena Blavatsky, occultist and esoteric, as “The Secret Doctrine”, and culminated in todays New World Order; propagated by H G Wells – who was a member of the Fabian society. The Fabian Society runs the UK Labor party as their front to this day.

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Commentary Magazine: The Home Of War

The “NeoCons” have, in the Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama years, inflicted war on many countries in the Middle East and wrote about it in their infamous “Project For A New American Century” (a propaganda name) and in their “7 countries in 5 years” memo.

Where do they come from?

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Profiteers Of Perpetual War: The Kagans

The Kagan Clan rears its ugly head again. After being cut off from power under Trump / the America First movement they have reorganized and consolidated their power base, this time in the DNC. How much of this amazing staying power is grounded in the fact that they and their sympathizers meet in the same synagogue is anyone’s guess.

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Old SOROS 60 Minutes Interview Appears

Wrap up by Corbett here, with link to original. Soros describes how he does not care for social consequences of his nation-destroying activity; how he brought CLINTON to HAITI, how he “re-trained” Ukraine military (before first Color Revolution, and later NATO Maidan Putsch); and what exactly he felt when confiscating property from fellow Jews as a kid in Nazi occupied Hungary (hint: nothing. Well probably joy.). THIS is the GREAT PHILANTROPIST behind the “Open Society”! (A term he stole from Popper and perverted: For Popper, the OPENNESS of a society is the openness of social strata including the ruling caste – SOROS redefines it as destruction of borders – obviously for the intent of destabilization as we currently see in Germany. Our borders are still open and the German SPD-CDU government still imports a quarter million “refugees” a year, mostly male, funnily leaving behind women and children, into the German social net. Reports that the German government changed their approach refer only to their WORDS, not their DEEDS. Yes, they started to CLAIM they wanted to get it under control. We will probably wipe out the government BEFORE anything actually changes. Has SOROS payed off our government as well? Everything speaks for it.)