Google SJW’s Do Not Want You To Know About Abuse Of German Children

Because the perpetrators are the Muslim “refugees” imported by MERKEL and her party, the nominally conservative CDU. The Google SJW’s have therefore put a video by Black Pigeon Speaks detailing and sourcing the sexual abuse epidemic into limited state.

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40 Year Old Muslim Terror in USA

Interesting. I never heard about this even though up to 70 people have been murdered. Funny how Hollywood has never made a big deal of it. Or the media. Is it because the killers were black?  And Muslim? We can’t have poor opressed minority groups being the villains, is it that? The Zebra Killers. And, lately another old cold case has been linked to it.

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EU: Ignorance Gets You Murdered Or Crippled

Amazing. In SADIQ KHAN’s Londonistan, two Muslim cousins get their faces mutilated by an acid attack. Victim afterwards says:

““I’m devastated. I keep wondering if my life will ever be the same,” she tweeted. “Acid attacks in the UK are unheard of for me.”

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Buy Your Daughter An Arianna Grande Concert Ticket!

Or the terrorists have won! Give your money to the Doughnut-licking Disney person!

In other news: Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, will NOT be illuminated in Union Jack colors. Reason obviously: BREXIT, and we can’t do that for any run of the mill islamic terror mass murder.

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Germany Is 51st Safest Country In The World, WEF Says

Recent federal crime statistics release for 2016 saw 50% increase of violent crime, YoY.

A reader of Vera Lengsfeld’s blog (German) calculates crime rates for native Germans vs. Immigrants:

Germans : 19 suspects per 1000 in 2016. Immigrants: 174 per 1000.

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Government-imposed Diversity Turns Leipzig Into Vibrant City

About 30 Syrian “refugee” “children” had a little running chase, the guys they chased managed to escape into a light rail and the chasing tribe went on to throw rocks at the train. Big Multicultural Globalist Fun for the boring city of Leipzig! (Which, one has to say, has a very active AntiFa faction. BTW, the AntiFa girls stopped going to the AntiFa pub because the “refugees” there grabbed them by the pussy too much. Racists!)

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