Comics: Youtube Channel “Diversity & Comics”

He’s got some great commentary; not just the usual story criticism but also regarding composition, art. And, he just talks off the cuff, no editing. He just takes his phone and goes through some art and uploads it.

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Metropolis The Anime Vs. Ray Charles

Only the Japanese would combine Ray Charles’ “I Can’t Stop Loving You” with the cataclysmic city-destroying murderous rampage of a girlfriend-robot.

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Games: Nier Automata

I’m not playing games, I just watch when the kids are playing; and they don’t play Nier: Automata. So why am I mentioning it here? Well, I just cannot NOT write about it. It would be like not writing about Cowboy Bebop, or the Metropolis Anime. It would feel wrong and I would wake up in the middle of the night and think, damn, I haven’t written about Nier:Automata yet.

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One Punch Man

If you are as bored as me by American Superhero productions, One Punch Man comes in handy as the ultimate parody.

Short synopsis: A Japanese man who just got fired comes across a butt-ugly boy threatened by a giant Crab Man. He defends the boy, killing crab-man in a ridiculously violent way.

He then decides to become a superhero. After minor efforts he loses all his hair and develops the superpower of killing every monster with one punch. He also loses all emotion. Fighting is no challenge for him and he becomes a complete nihilist.

Well, here’s more.

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