That’s Why They Import Cocks

If you call yourself “HEN” (which is the Swedish government-enforced gender-neutral pronoun replacing HE and SHE), than WHAT would be more natural than importing COCKS from the Muslim world.

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Hamburg Jihadist Knife Murder

On FR, JUL 28, 2017, a “refugee” from UAE of “Palestinian” origin, coming in during MERKEL’s mass migration campaign in 2015, attacked random Germans in a supermarket in Barmbek, Hamburg, a wealthy quarter north of the Alster, killing a 50 year old German and continuing to stab as he wan away, injuring five more.

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Muslim Militia Forms In NRW Town

The heavily islamized town Mönchengladbach north of the Ruhr river – the entire Northern river bank is heavily islamized – or, heavier than the southern bank anyway – now has an islamic milita calling itself “Germanys Muslims”[sic]; styling themselves like a motorcycle gang.

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Patreon Kicks Out Lauren Southern

They say she engages in activities that might lead to loss of life so they kicked her out. Obviously by that they mean that she planned to be on a boat of the Identitarian Movement with which they want to sabotage the people smuggling NGO’s who bring Africans from Libya to Italy.

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