Fourier: Inventor Of Feminism, Genderism, The Tower Block

Charles Fourier (1772 – 1837) – not to be confused with the mathematician who invented the Fourier Transform – was a Utopian Socialist. He was an early proponent of grievance group identity politics. He saw civilizsation as evil (cue Rousseau) and to be remodeled into a socialism; wherein ideally humans would live together no longer in families but in communes of 1620 individuals each called a Phalanx; each commune occupying one building – which I see as the prototype for Corbusier‘s Brutalism, giving us those beautiful post WW 2 tower blocks.

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AntiFa, KomIntern, Palace Of The Soviets

Origin of the term AntiFa, 1920ies, Italy. Basically, AntiFa = Komintern:
Antifaschistische Aktion
KomIntern was dissolved by Stalin in 1942. It was a terrorist underground across Western Europe to take Europe by October revolution style “Color Revolutions” / terror war.

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SJW’s Retcon Blacks Into Ancient Nordic History

This goes even beyond the usual butchering of German fairytales by Disney. All TV productions in the West must brim with Blacks, Indians, Muslims and Gay People these days. What, the story plays in ancient Sweden? Who cares.

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