Chile Under The Allende Terror Regime

In 1970, Allende got elected in Chile, imposed lunatic socialist policies – price fixing and mandated wage increases, driving all companies into losses, forcing them to cease production –  causing a hyperinflation of the Escudo and food shortages and subsequently used food distribution to starve his political enemies to death, then had farmers butchered by paramilitaries.

In 1973 the parliament ASKED the military to remove Allende, and the military obliged. Allende shot himself and Pinochet returned the country to civilisation.

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Music/History: Perturbator – Assault / 1934 Austrian Socialist Uprising

Interesting music video. I like it for the low-passed Moog type sounds and the detuning effects – making the synth bass sound like the Doppler effect of a passing airplane. Plus, it refers to a bloody, but failed socialist Revolution attempt in Austria 1934 (four years before Third Reich – Austria unification) that I didn’t know about.

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TRUMP Resembles NERO

….in one regard: Like TRUMP, NERO had notoriously bad, slanderous press. As the fire raged through Rome, Nero didn’t actually fiddle – because the violin was only invented 1000 years later – but travelled from his Villa to Rome to get the relief efforts in motion.

No good deed goes unpunished. Journalists seemed to be around even 2000 years ago to spread their bile, much like today.

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100 Years Ago: German Erich Von Falkenhayn Helps Prevent Jewish Genocide

at the hands of the Ottomans. von Falkenhayn, famous for the Battle of Verdun, was at this time Field Marshal in the Ottoman army (he got around a lot in WW 1) and, together with other German officers, helped to stop the evacuation of all Jews from Jerusalem by the Ottomans who obviously planned to repeat an Armenian style genocide-by-death-march (what they did the year before).

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Oldest Zero Dated To 200 AD

Oldest symbolic representation of the zero, represented by a dot, dated to an age of 1800 years, reports SPIEGEL here.  Found in a tutorial for merchants found in Pakistan.

Usually the zero was supposed to have been invented in India in 900 AD. But, it’s older than that.


Romans BTW were master engineers – yet they had a ludicrously complicated number system, making it impossible for them to do e.g. as complicated astronomical calculations like the Mayas did at the same time. The reason for their inability was that they had no zero and had to use different symbols for each magnitude. X for ten, C for hundred etc.

That’s why the zero is such an important symbol.