Red Ice: Karin Smith: The Real History Of South Africa

We see systematic brutal slaughter of Boer farmers in South Africa going on – and rampant murder in the cities. Today there’s 40 million Blacks against 4 million whites  – and some 6 million mixed and Asian – in 1960 it was 3 million blacks, 1 million whites (see wikipedia: Demographics of SA). So the ratio is rapidly shifting to black. The Black government has just mandated that all mining companies must have at least 30% Black owners – even though, after earlier mandate of 26% was enforced, many of the blacks subsequently sold their shares.

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Sam Harris And Dawkins Are Intellectual Dwarfs

Atheists like them claim that their rationality alone is sufficient foundation for the Golden Rule (non-initiation of aggression; do to others as you would want to be treated, tit-for-tat).

I have repeatedly called atheists of that kind out and asked them, if you think we’re walking lumps of meat animated by random sparks of electrochemistry then why would killing people be BAD – or evil? Or anything else for that matter?

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Fourier: Inventor Of Feminism, Genderism, The Tower Block

Charles Fourier (1772 – 1837) – not to be confused with the mathematician who invented the Fourier Transform – was a Utopian Socialist. He was an early proponent of grievance group identity politics. He saw civilizsation as evil (cue Rousseau) and to be remodeled into a socialism; wherein ideally humans would live together no longer in families but in communes of 1620 individuals each called a Phalanx; each commune occupying one building – which I see as the prototype for Corbusier‘s Brutalism, giving us those beautiful post WW 2 tower blocks.

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