Oldest Zero Dated To 200 AD

Oldest symbolic representation of the zero, represented by a dot, dated to an age of 1800 years, reports SPIEGEL here.  Found in a tutorial for merchants found in Pakistan.

Usually the zero was supposed to have been invented in India in 900 AD. But, it’s older than that.


Romans BTW were master engineers – yet they had a ludicrously complicated number system, making it impossible for them to do e.g. as complicated astronomical calculations like the Mayas did at the same time. The reason for their inability was that they had no zero and had to use different symbols for each magnitude. X for ten, C for hundred etc.

That’s why the zero is such an important symbol.


40 Year Old Muslim Terror in USA

Interesting. I never heard about this even though up to 70 people have been murdered. Funny how Hollywood has never made a big deal of it. Or the media. Is it because the killers were black?  And Muslim? We can’t have poor opressed minority groups being the villains, is it that? The Zebra Killers. And, lately another old cold case has been linked to it.

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Canada Declares Damnatia Memoria On Non-Leftist PM

Following the tradition of Roman God-Emperors, wiping out historical records of past rulers who fell in disfavor, Trudeau has requested to delete all of former non-leftist Prime Minister Harper from Google search results.

Google obediently complied.

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Red Ice: Karin Smith: The Real History Of South Africa

We see systematic brutal slaughter of Boer farmers in South Africa going on – and rampant murder in the cities. Today there’s 40 million Blacks against 4 million whites  – and some 6 million mixed and Asian – in 1960 it was 3 million blacks, 1 million whites (see wikipedia: Demographics of SA). So the ratio is rapidly shifting to black. The Black government has just mandated that all mining companies must have at least 30% Black owners – even though, after earlier mandate of 26% was enforced, many of the blacks subsequently sold their shares.

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