Ableists Try To Transform Disabled Person

into able-bodied person.

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Sissification Of West Caused By Paracetamol

Taking Paracetamol against headaches during pregnancy leads to reduced Testosterone levels in male fetuses, causing boys to become less masculine, more androgynous/feminine, scientists of University Of Copenhagen find out, or at least, that’s how their mice developed. German article

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Methadone Improves Lifespan Of Cancer Patients

Opioid Methadone, often used as Heroin replacement therapy, weakens tumor cell’s resistance against chemotherapy and radiation and sometimes outright kills them on its own. German chemist Dr. Claudia Friesen discovered this accidentally in 2007 while trying to explore opioid chemistry, using cancer cells as test candidates.

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White Genocide Through Sunblockers

…and what to do about it.

Sperm quality suffers through a certain family of sunblockers, Danish scientists find out.

As only whites apply copious amounts of sun screen, this explains the collapsing fertility of whites. There are two families of sunblockers though.

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