Urgent French Election Service: Macron, Leaks, Hacking, 4Chan, Africanization

As the French media boycot reporting, please google “Macron 4chan”, or follow this link if you feel you need to know more about the ex Rothschild banker Macron – the synthetic candidate of Globalism whose job it will be to turn France into an African state on EU territory and who stands in the election TODAY. It’s now Sunday 2 A.M. Berlin time so there is still time.

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How Soros’ Troubles Started

Recently more and more governments are kicking Soros’ NGO’s out or curtailing or investigating their operations. What I completely missed in the flurry of hacks, leaks and general mudslinging in the USA in the 2016 presidential campaign: Soros’ Open Society Institute got hacked as well and 2000+ documents released,

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