Tolerance-Obsessed Globalists Say Whites Deserve No Asylum

Canadian government says, genocide of white farmers in South Africa isn’t happening; is a racist lie by white supremacists; denies asylum requests.

Saving their families from the sadistic slaughter by black roving gangs, at least some of them probably military personnell, as now signal jammers are used to prevent the victims from calling for help, is NOT a reason that the white Globalist governments of Canada and very probably GERMANY accept.

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Most Livable Cities Of World, Germany

Interesting article at zerohedge. Economist – published by Lynn De Rothschild – has a list of most livable cities in the world. Now, what do the arch-globalist Rothschilds think?

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Google Blacklists More And More Independent News Channels

The Silicon Valley SJW Mafia now blacklists entire channels and demonetizes nearly all their videos when their opinion is not leftist. The reason given is that they are controversial and not suited for ALL ADVERTISERS. So the only way to earn money on youtube is to cater to ALL ADVERTISERS which means, being leftist.

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Patreon Kicks Out Lauren Southern

They say she engages in activities that might lead to loss of life so they kicked her out. Obviously by that they mean that she planned to be on a boat of the Identitarian Movement with which they want to sabotage the people smuggling NGO’s who bring Africans from Libya to Italy.

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Under Obama, ISIS Flourished. Under Trump, ISIS Died.

That shows how INSANE all Leftists and all their media are. The media refuse to observe this simple connection. The Left continues to worship OBAMA and his reign even though it was the years when the CIA systematically built up Syrian Jihadis, as zerohedge documents.

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Dead Globalists: Zbigniew Brzenzinski

Amazingly, a mere SIX DAYS after the death of top Globalist David Rockefeller on MAR 20, 2017, World Frog Day – his globalist fellow Zbigniew Brzenziski died. I only now noticed. Source wikipedia

Author of The Great Chessboard, planner of new land war in central Asia, author of America In The Technotronic Age, security advisor of Carter, father of MSNBC’s pseudo-conservative and Never-Trumper Mika Brzezinski. Brz is the mastermind of weaponizing Islam against the USSR, basically the father of modern terrorist Islam – he gave them the idea and organized the weapons shipments, lots of Stinger manpads against USSR gunship choppers, delivered to the Mujaheddin who mutated into the Taliban and Al Qaida.

The curse of Kek hangs over the Globalists. They are dying.