MERKEL’s “Conservative” CDU And ANTIFA Want The Same Thing

I don’t get tired pointing this out. As we all know, Merkel has in 2015 invited all Muslim “refugees” to Germany and de facto illegally removed all borders; violating the Schengen treaty conditions and German constitutional law which says that only people from neighbouring countries can apply for asylum.

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Hamburgers Punch Nazis

Another video that shows the IQ of the normal Hamburger as slightly below room temperature. You call someone a Nazi and immediately every Hamburger says, oh yeah, that’s a Nazi, I’ll punch him because obviously he must be a Nazi. An American Nazi because obviously he speaks English with an American accent.

I found Hamburgers to be gullible brainwashed bastards when I was there and I see that things haven’t changed a bit.

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Hamburg G20 AntiFa War: When You’re Nice To The Terrorists They Don’t Kill You!

Reports are appearing in German MSM that Hamburg residents are flabbergasted by the destruction wreaked by AntiFa; especially the complete destruction of a drugstore 100m from the local AntiFa Headquarters Rote Flora. The Rote Flora is an old factory building illegaly occupied by AntiFa for 30 years or so, and as German city governments especially SPD are wont to do they bought the run down lot from the owner and let AntiFa squat there for free.

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History Of Cultural Marxism

Very good video about WHY and to which purpose the communist Jews of the Frankfurt School developed Cultural Marxism. Spoiler: To destroy society. Making it functionally equivalent to Frankism. In other words, Frankism without a Jewish Messiah.

In places like EVERGREEN STATE COLLEGE or the MERKEL GOVERNMENT in BERLIN we see it at work today.

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