And… The Curse Of Assad Strikes AGAIN…

Merkel was still missing from the collection…

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Raping German Joggers

Amazingly, some German women still JOG and of course wear their headphones. Given that hundreds of thousands of imported Muslims and Africans roam everywhere, most of them of unknown identity, most of them male and in their 20ies, most of them not working, and given the at least 8 times higher propensity of these people for violence compared to ethnic Germans, it is little surprise that nearly daily a female jogger gets dragged in the bushes and raped.

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Egalite, Fraternity, Et Pas De Beurre

French Socialists insist on negotiating butter prices that supermarkets pay to suppliers ONCE A YEAR. So as the world market price for butter is currently spiking, what do French producers do? They ship their butter to Germany. Because Germans love Butter just as much as the French do – but our supermarkets simply increase prices when the market allows no other course of action. So our supermarkets offer higher prices to the producers than the French supermarkets can. Obviously the French supermarkets are somehow prohibited from offering more.

Meaning France has empty butter shelves now. Another victory for socialism / economic planning.

Britanny Pettybone From The Frankfurt Book Fair AntiFa Fracas

Britanny accompanied Martin Sellner, Austrian Generation Identitaire leader, to his planned book presentation at left-leaning Frankfurt Book Fair. Of course the event was disrupted by screaming and whistling Antifa operatives. The right wing audience shouted them down with ease. Police ended the reading.

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Corrupt CDU Members Take Money From Islamic Rulers

European Council Member and CDU MP Karin Strenz got part of about 800,000 Euro from a “Lobbyist” company owned by a CSU member who got the money from the Azerbaidschan government – to influence opinion in EU/Germany; as LEGAL “side business”.

CDU is MERKEL’s party, CSU is the Bavarian division, nominally an independent party but always working in tandem with Merkel’s party.

German source #1, and #2. 

So probably Merkel’s campaign to import 2 million Muslims and from now on, another 200,000 per year – as long as she doesn’t decide to ramp it up some more -, is simply an expression of her desire to get stinking rich. And, of course the same applies for the other high ranking CDU members.

Interesting: Source #2 is from a month BEFORE the election – but didn’t get any traction in the German media – and I didn’t notice at the time. This, had it been known, could have knocked off quite a few more percent from the CDU’s result – who lost 10 percent point and got their worst result since 1949, shortly after their founding.

JUNCKER, Unelected Ruler Of EU, Applauds MERKEL’s 200,000 Per Year Lower Limit For Further “Refugee” Intake

JUNCKER, chief promoter of Islamisation of Europe and boss of EU Commission, congratulated CDU/CSU for their decision of trying to take in up to 200,000 “refugees” from Africa and all Islamic countries per year. CDU/CSU want to awaken the impression this is an UPPER limit without saying it, but the decision explicitly states that NOBODY will be turned back so it’s actually a target number – which can be exceeded any time, which JUNCKER understood clearly.

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