MERKEL Party At 23% Approval

MERKEL from the CDU has tried for 4 months now to form a government. She now has an agreement with the SPD. And when we talk about the CDU we must remember that the CDU is not present in Bavaria; they are in a constant alliance with the only-Bavarian CSU which is way more conservative than the CDU.

The latest polls show the following approval ratings: SPD: 16%; CDU: 23% – putting their followers in relation to all of Germany  – CSU: 6.5%.  Giving a total of 46% ; 4 months ago during the election this coalition got 52%.

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Ongoing Killing Spree In Germany

While MERKEL is still unable to form a government, the killing spree all across Germany continues – obviously, as the MERKEL government has brought in 2 million Muslims and Negroes since 2015 and continues to bring in 15,000 a month.

As usual, the journalists, police, courts do their best to keep things as unreported as possible. Most killings never make national news.

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Bonn/Germany: Rocket Fire On Passers By

Video. In the heavily islamized town of Bonn , on the Rhine, south of Cologne, a car drives in circles. Rockets are fired in rapid succession on fleeing revelers.

Watch it before it is taken down. Since today, a new Hate Law has been instated in Germany, forcing Social media companies to take down any post within 24 hours that is illegal under German law. The law itself is probably illegal, as interpreting and enforcing the law can obviously not be the job of private company. German lawmakers do not care, though, as they are grasping at straws trying to control the rapidly disintegrating situation.

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CONFIRMATION! Murder Rate In Germany WAY Higher Than Reported!

The German MSM accidentally lifted the veil. I talked about this before – the officially reported number of murders , as reported to the UN for Germany is about 700 a year – suggesting a tenth of the murder rate of the USA. But a few years back, I found way higher numbers (about 2000 per year) for the SUSPECTS of Totschlag – our homicide category 2 – in the police statistics – so my conclusion was that the German government ONLY reports convictions of homicide category 1 – the 700 – meaning, they consciously lie about the real homicide number. Now the BERTELSMANN-owned SPIEGEL has by accident confirmed my suspicion.

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