Sissification Of West Caused By Paracetamol

Taking Paracetamol against headaches during pregnancy leads to reduced Testosterone levels in male fetuses, causing boys to become less masculine, more androgynous/feminine, scientists of University Of Copenhagen find out, or at least, that’s how their mice developed. German article

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The Left Wages War On Freedom

Canada: You can now go to jail for not using the pronouns another person wants used when talking to her/him/vey/it. Trudeau calls jailing people for using wrong words “#LoveIsLove”.

Germany: The SPD-CDU coalition government threatens anyone who utters prohibited words -that they call hate speech- on the Internet with 5 years of jail. MAAS, the justice minister, says “we need to protect our free society [from WORDS that someone says]”. Well it’s not a free society when you jail people for words.

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Canadian Total State Will Snatch And Probably Mutilate Children

The parasitic cultural Marxists a.k.a. SJW’s that infiltrate Western governments have, in Trudeau’s Total State, managed to push through Bill 89 which empowers the Total State to steal your child if you disagree with his idea of what gender he is of.

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