Bacha Bazi In NYC

The Americans introduce the Afghan custom of dressing up underage boys as girls and letting them perform as dancers. Their media is overjoyed and promotes this as the new culture of America.

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How Trolls Cause Men To Chop Off Their Dicks

Becoming the target of a troll campaign correlates highly with the target later declaring itself to be of the opposite sex and potentially taking self-mutilating action, notices EZ PZ.

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Crazy Leftists Want Female Athletes Run Over By Bulldozers

Leftists demand that Australian NFL – Australian football being similar to Rugby – “get their house in order” regarding allowing biological males on hormones to compete against females.

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Madcap Rulers Want Women To Get Themselves Killed

I didn’t quite know how to call them. Leftists? Globalists? Genderists? Feminists? Because it all blurs into each other. So I decided on Madcap Rulers.

So. The Madcap Rulers of Australia – yeah! not Canada, Germany or USA this time! – decided that they need 50% women in the armed forces and in the firefighters on all kinds of position.

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