The Problem With Radiometric Dating Methods

This video by Dr. Jim Mason talks about the principal method of dating objects by measuring the ratio  between radionucleide isotopes and their respective decay products, and how it fails.

Specifically, newly formed volcanic material was dated and the results are all over the place in the millions of years range. When the result should have been about 50 years.

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Countries Ranked By Size Of Marxist Sector

Every cent of tax money they steal from you goes into the pockets of the Marxists who work for the government and into their madcap projects – explaining the collapse of growth over the past decades. Zerohedge has a GREAT ranking:

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Psychologists Imply: Global Warming Causes Leftist Street Terrorism

Psychology joining the ranks of what has become of climate science, becoming a simple meal ticket for idiots too lazy for work and too stupid for crime:

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