Film: 1981: ROAR: We just hope that nobody dies

Old story but psychologically interesting, and I only just discovered it. Tippi Hedren was the lead actress in Hitchcocks “Birds” where he exposed her to live trapped birds that attacked her. Looks like she enjoyed it – because she later embarked on producing the film¬†Roar where she exposed herself AND her daughter,¬†Melanie Griffith, to the attacks of lions and other wild animals.

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Film: King Arthur: The Legend Of Social Justice

A negro traipses around in the woods in misty damp England, and a Mary Sue telepathically controls animal to help a perfectly coiffed Arthur find his sword X-Calibur. Also, Karate. Yes Karate or Kung Fu or something like that.

Any takers at the Box Office? No. People stayed away like the movie has the Black Death. Which it has: The SJW plague.

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