Upcoming Film: Battle Angel Alita

Let’s hope they don’t fuck it up like the jiddish version of Ghost In The Shell.

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Soviet Film: Хоббит

Yeah that’s right. HOBBIT. Because, there’s no articles in Russian.

The five year plan for special effects, well that fell a little bit short. So here’s a blatant rip-off of Tolkien as told by Soviet television. Contrary to Peter Jackson, they at least managed to tell the full book in 75 minutes.

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Coach Red Pil About Black Panther

He went and saw it. Makes some interesting points. I see it as a bet of MARVEL to cater to the Black population and trying to knuckledrag whitey to love it or else you’re a racist. I think it will see a backlash for that tactic.

The movie is marketed the same way Femi-Ghostbusters was: Like it or you’re a mysogynist, here, a racist. Oh we saw that fail in The Last Jedi as well.

Personally, I *WANT* Hollywood to behave as piggish as possible because it will blow up their business model and wake people up to the manipulation.

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Film: Canada 1979: The Shape Of Things To Come

No, not THAT Shape Of Things To come! (The 1936 film detailing H G Wells account of the Fabian Socialists plan to take over the world by a League Of nations / UN / EU type dictatorship and destruction of all nations.)

The OTHER one! You know the 1979 film that destroyed the Canadian film industry!

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The Day After The Star Wars Holiday Special Aired

the inhabitants of Jonestown committed collective suicide by drinking cyanide laced Kool Aid.

That’s how bad it was. Did they see it? Or was it a cosmic coincidence of two atrocities striking on two consecutive days?

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