Somebody Up The Prescription For Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence, young Hollywood actress, famous for leading roles in chick flics, recently stated that Hurricane Harvey was “mother! Nature’s” wrath for voting for Trump.

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Propaganda: Mr. Magoo Kills The White Thugs Who Murder All The Poor Blacks

Mr. Magoo Bruce Willis has been exhumed for a new movie or maybe it’s his computer ghost. Well it’s playing in Chicago and it’s of course propaganda from start to finish.

You can’t show Black on Black gun violence in a movie. You must always lie.

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Film: 1981: ROAR: We just hope that nobody dies

Old story but psychologically interesting, and I only just discovered it. Tippi Hedren was the lead actress in Hitchcocks “Birds” where he exposed her to live trapped birds that attacked her. Looks like she enjoyed it – because she later embarked on producing the film¬†Roar where she exposed herself AND her daughter,¬†Melanie Griffith, to the attacks of lions and other wild animals.

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Film: King Arthur: The Legend Of Social Justice

A negro traipses around in the woods in misty damp England, and a Mary Sue telepathically controls animal to help a perfectly coiffed Arthur find his sword X-Calibur. Also, Karate. Yes Karate or Kung Fu or something like that.

Any takers at the Box Office? No. People stayed away like the movie has the Black Death. Which it has: The SJW plague.

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