Kevin Spacey Raped By Nazi

I’m a bit busy now and all that Hollywood Swamp business is too much and too crazy to actually track but, thankfully Mr Metokur did it for ya. And yes, after coming out as gay did nothing to detract from Kevin Spacey’s child molestation, Mr. Spacey decided to tell the Daily Mail that his Nazi father is to blame. Didn’t work either but, nice try and most definitely on the amusing side of things. But wait, there’s more… MUCH more…

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Robert De Niro’s Waiting, Talking Italian

Hold on a second. Wait. Looks like we got a transmission error. The headline is not entirely correct. Rather, it is HARVEY WEINSTEIN who’s waiting. But, at least the RESTAURANT is OWNED by Robert De Niro. And I guess you can have something Italian there.

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Hollywood Hates The Mysogynist Trump

Interestingly though, the exact same people had absolutely no problems with Harvey Weinstein. Hey I got an idea. Why don’t you all stop watching any Hollywood crap. Because, you know, it’s rotten to the core. You wouldn’t really want to give ANY money to people like that now would ya? And you know what? Every time you feed the monster Hollywood it steals an entire evening of your free time from you – and programs you in the Social Justice Cult think in return. It’s EXACTLY like the typical suicide cult.

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Scared Klingons Want To Save Themselves From Unrelatable Federation Weirdos

… and get genocided.

In Star Trek Discovery, or STD for short, the Klingons – as stand ins for White Nationalists as the writers of the show admit – or, as I would put it, as stand ins for desperate Tibetan Buddhists trying to preserve their culture under the onslaught of Chinese communists (A cause supported by Leftist heroes like The Clash) – well the Klingons can’t really warm up to being forced to welcome the multicultural diversity that the violent empire of the “Federation” wants to enforce on them.

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Propaganda: Mr. Magoo Kills The White Thugs Who Murder All The Poor Blacks

Mr. Magoo Bruce Willis has been exhumed for a new movie or maybe it’s his computer ghost. Well it’s playing in Chicago and it’s of course propaganda from start to finish.

You can’t show Black on Black gun violence in a movie. You must always lie.

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