Sweden: Extreme Stockholm Syndrome

#MeToo-Feminist activist invites Afghan “refugee” to live with her, gets her daughter raped.

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Devolution: How Gullibility Destroys The Entertainment Industry

When I’m not busy following the destruction of German cities through mass importation of illegal immigrants perfectly incapable of living in a society, I’m currently captivated by the collapse of MARVEL comics. You know I had an omnibus edition of the first Stan Lee / Jack Kirby comics so I know ALL the origin stories of ALL the IMPORTANT MARVEL characters. How could a company so smart collapse so hard? Sales are currently down 25% year on year.

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Feminists Find Soft Targets In Software Industry

Silicon Valley has become a madhouse of Political Correctness, suppression of free speech and abolition of diversity of opinion. Feminists have wormed their way into the companies and bring in more and more troops to turn the meritocracy of tech into their loot, spreading gender madness along the way.

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Madcap Rulers Want Women To Get Themselves Killed

I didn’t quite know how to call them. Leftists? Globalists? Genderists? Feminists? Because it all blurs into each other. So I decided on Madcap Rulers.

So. The Madcap Rulers of Australia – yeah! not Canada, Germany or USA this time! – decided that they need 50% women in the armed forces and in the firefighters on all kinds of position.

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