Wikipedia Deletes Evolution Skeptics

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Wikipedia Erases Paleontologist Günter Bechly,

a German museum employee of 17 years of excellent conduct who recently looked into Dr. Behe’s arguments and became convinced that Neo-Darwinism cannot explain the manyfold complex biological subsystems each requiring MULTIPLE positive mutations working in tandem, making their consecutive appearance a combinatorial impossibility.

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Still No Evidence For Evolution

Talked to a guy in the train today who roundly slammed all kinds of “conspiracy theories” from Flat Earth over Hollow Earth to Creationism etc. Claimed that creationists don’t understand what Darwin wrote. Well Darwin’s books are online, I skimmed them for the juicy bits (he had some pointed opinions about the Irish), and got the gist of his writing.

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The Problem With Radiometric Dating Methods

This video by Dr. Jim Mason talks about the principal method of dating objects by measuring the ratio  between radionucleide isotopes and their respective decay products, and how it fails.

Specifically, newly formed volcanic material was dated and the results are all over the place in the millions of years range. When the result should have been about 50 years.

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The X-Men: Salvation Through Matter Alone

Or, Erloesung Des Menschen Durch Sich Selbst – Salvation of the Human through himself.

What is SALVATION? It is the salvation from the limitations of a mortal body
and the decaying physical matter that body is made of. A transcendence of the physical laws of a world that limits us. In Christian terms, a liberation from the fallen world.

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Dawkins Explains Homosexuality

Oh, this is great. As an Atheist God, he is in the frying pan of SJW identity politics, so let us see him twitch. Will he call homosexuality a negative mutation? Is it a purely learned behaviour (meaning, we could wipe it out by simple education)?

I can’t wait to hear the God of Atheism explain it to us walking lumps of meat.

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