Dawkins Explains Homosexuality

Oh, this is great. As an Atheist God, he is in the frying pan of SJW identity politics, so let us see him twitch. Will he call homosexuality a negative mutation? Is it a purely learned behaviour (meaning, we could wipe it out by simple education)?

I can’t wait to hear the God of Atheism explain it to us walking lumps of meat.

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Netflix Says Homosexuality Is Advantageous To Survival

Netflix (and Bunim-Murray Productions, see here) hired the world class evolutionist Bill Nye and a person wearing black PVC who may or may not be Katy Perry – I didn’t pay attention – to tell the world that homosexuality and other forms of the Lambda Gamma Beta Theta variety are the next step in evolution i.e. that they offer a selective advantage.

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Dawkins Promotes Panspermia, Intelligent Design

Dawkins, the crackpot selling books with useless confabulations about Darwinian evolution and demigod of any atheist, promotes video game that pretends to show principles of Darwinian evolution but is a game about extraterrestrians CONTROLLING evolution. I can’t even; literally shaking. No I’m falling off my chair laughing.

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1865: Mendel Discovers Genetic Rules, Is Consequently Ignored for 35 Years

Silesian abbot Mendel published in 1865, describing dominant and recessive genes – which he discovered with plant cultivation experiments. His discovery is consequently ignored for 35 years.

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