Funny Money: MMO’s and Bitcoins

Even before modern blockchain currencies like first BitCoin, later Ethereum and others were invented, MMO’s had in game currencies. Here’s video about a hacker who makes his living for 20 years now hacking games and generating funny money.

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The Military Is A Waste

said the young man. “They’re even more expensive and useless than the subsidies for renewables. I’d get rid of them completely.”

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1177 BC: Cataclysmic Collapse Of Eastern Mediterranean Bronze Age Empires

Dr. Eric Cline. Video lecture 1:10 length. Egypt, Canaan, Greece, Hittites, Crete, Cyprus, Assyria: All collapsed at the same time. Probable causes:

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Countries Ranked By Size Of Marxist Sector

Every cent of tax money they steal from you goes into the pockets of the Marxists who work for the government and into their madcap projects – explaining the collapse of growth over the past decades. Zerohedge has a GREAT ranking:

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