Identity Politics in US FCC-Regulated Media

In 1965 the USA opened immigration floodgates to non-white legal immigration and is, together with the native Black Minority and the “LGBT minorities”, now a country brimming with “minorities”. The naiive notion that treating people equally is the way to go would of course leave no occupation for identity politics movements a.k.a. Cultural Marxism. So all FCC regulated media have to prove that they’re hiring all minorities according to the whim of the Marxist functionaires.

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The Luciferian Doctrine

The Luciferian Doctrine claims that Satan is not evil but in fact the bringer of knowledge. Imported from the Middle East by the Templars, it continued in various masonic orders, was made public by Helena Blavatsky, occultist and esoteric, as “The Secret Doctrine”, and culminated in todays New World Order; propagated by H G Wells – who was a member of the Fabian society. The Fabian Society runs the UK Labor party as their front to this day.

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Germany Is 51st Safest Country In The World, WEF Says

Recent federal crime statistics release for 2016 saw 50% increase of violent crime, YoY.

A reader of Vera Lengsfeld’s blog (German) calculates crime rates for native Germans vs. Immigrants:

Germans : 19 suspects per 1000 in 2016. Immigrants: 174 per 1000.

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Government-imposed Diversity Turns Leipzig Into Vibrant City

About 30 Syrian “refugee” “children” had a little running chase, the guys they chased managed to escape into a light rail and the chasing tribe went on to throw rocks at the train. Big Multicultural Globalist Fun for the boring city of Leipzig! (Which, one has to say, has a very active AntiFa faction. BTW, the AntiFa girls stopped going to the AntiFa pub because the “refugees” there grabbed them by the pussy too much. Racists!)

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