Netflix Says Homosexuality Is Advantageous To Survival

Netflix (and Bunim-Murray Productions, see here) hired the world class evolutionist Bill Nye and a person wearing black PVC who may or may not be Katy Perry – I didn’t pay attention – to tell the world that homosexuality and other forms of the Lambda Gamma Beta Theta variety are the next step in evolution i.e. that they offer a selective advantage.

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Muslim Migrants Losing Their Wives

So you pay 20k USD for a multi country trafficking into the West, successfully get embedded into Germany’s welfare system, and even get to drag the wife and possibly kids after you into the paradise that the hated White Males have created.

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Islamisation Of Germany: Current Data

MSM in Germany never mention current data; but Seehofer, head of CSU, mentioned it and got reported. 12,000 a month seep in over the open border. (source) Add to this the normal growth of Muslim population in Germany through births;

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Women’s March: Middle Eastern Manipulators Fool Useful Western Idiot Feminists

Rebel Media has this. Women’s March was organized by Linda Sarsour, Muslim, promoter of Shariah Law and Hijab-wearing.

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