Perfect Example Of A Communist

This person is a perfect example of how a communist thinks. Or, on what level a communist thinks. They actually have no concept of value creation. They don’t understand why a smartphone can sell for 1000 USD when its parts can be bought for 200 USD. They see it as theft of 800 USD. They have NO IDEA HOW THIS WORKS.

The person in question works at MARVEL and is a comic artist. He is also a Muslim. As the islamic worldview since Mohammed’s rule over MEDINA is based on looting – and giving some of the proceeds to Mohammed – his affinity to communism is logical.

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Canada Has Shut Down Her Universities

The buildings still stand and they still call themselves universities but they are not universities. It is prohibited to talk about non-communist ideas.

Recording of a communist Canadian Kommissariat as they try to crush the spirit of a female counterrevolutionary.

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Irish Man Gets Celebrated For Murdering 50,000 Cubans By Irish Government

Ernesto Guevara Lynch, Irish expat who became judge and executioner after the Cuban revolution, murdering about 50,000 Cubans who resisted the theft of their family farms by Castro’s communists, shooting many tied up prisoners himself point blank in the head and enjoying it, finally gets honored by the Irish government with a commemorative stamp.

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Firefox Is Marxist

I’m just installing a Firefox browser on a new computer. The installer splash screen shows – in German – the message: “Firefox. The only browser developed for the benefit of the people and not for profit maximization.”

I will install it but I will download BRAVE now as well. BRAVE is developed by Brendan Eich who got fired from Mozilla, the makers of Firefox, for contributing money years back to a foundation against homosexual marriage. So he’s a victim of the Marxists which speaks for his work.

Wikipedia Denies Existence Of Cultural Marxism

They used to have a good well sourced article on cultural marxism but now they don’t. They redirect to Frankfurt School and have a tiny snippet there that claims that Cultural Marxism is a conspiracy theory by right wingers.

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