Fourier: Inventor Of Feminism, Genderism, The Tower Block

Charles Fourier (1772 – 1837) – not to be confused with the mathematician who invented the Fourier Transform – was a Utopian Socialist. He was an early proponent of grievance group identity politics. He saw civilizsation as evil (cue Rousseau) and to be remodeled into a socialism; wherein ideally humans would live together no longer in families but in communes of 1620 individuals each called a Phalanx; each commune occupying one building – which I see as the prototype for Corbusier‘s Brutalism, giving us those beautiful post WW 2 tower blocks.

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AntiFa, KomIntern, Palace Of The Soviets

Origin of the term AntiFa, 1920ies, Italy. Basically, AntiFa = Komintern:
Antifaschistische Aktion
KomIntern was dissolved by Stalin in 1942. It was a terrorist underground across Western Europe to take Europe by October revolution style “Color Revolutions” / terror war.

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AfD Congress Cologne: First Attacks By Leftists

The AfD Congress in Cologne begins today, AfD = Alternative Für Deutschland, the only party for an end to the islamic mass migration, violently opposed by the establishment and the Black Bloc street terrorists and all of the slimestream media.

50,000 leftist water carriers have announced to protest the congress of the party and serve as meatshields for the red terrorists hiding in their masses. The state deploys 4,000 police just so that no wholesale slaughter occurs.

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The Transformation Of Moldylocks

Moldylocks is the dreadlocked Antifa girl at the Battle Of Berkley who got punched in the face after throwing dozens of glass bottles at right wingers heads and then getting into a close range fight. Her real name seems to be Louise Rosealma.

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