Film: Pepe / First Blood

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SHADILAY. Shia LaBoeuf Eternal Livestream Backfires Badly.

The idea of Shia LaBoeuf was to have zombie-like incantations of “He Will Not Divide Us” for four years straight in front of a camera. Problem is, he was too cheap to have the camera guarded by AntiFa thugs 24/7.

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Consciousness Is Creation: Turning Noise Into Chaos Into Order

This is going to be as deep as it can get; at the borderline of philosophy and mathematics. Let’s start by laying the ground work. Watch this AMAZING lecture by Jordan Peterson esp. from 16:00 on in which he explains the concept of Yin and Yang, “Chaos” vs. “Order” as understood in Taoism.

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The Rise Of Kek / The Metaphysics Of Pepe


The “Left” has called everyone racist, mysoginist, homophobic, antisemitic, islamophobic to shut them up. This has given rise to the use of Pepe Memes to trigger and bait them into their screeching frenzy. Here’s an analysis by Jordan Peterson and others.

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George Soros controls German Govt policies

The George Soros-financed ESI published a pamphlet called “The Merkel Plan” which was not a description of what Merkel and the CDU were doing – but a PREscription – i.e., the script that was then enacted by Merkel’s CDU : Inviting millions of Muslim refugees.

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