The Left Becomes Islamic

The Left is so infiltrated by Muslim immigrants that they ditch their last intellectuals, the Four Horsemen of New Atheism, because the horsemen criticize Islam like they criticized Christianity.

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Kathy Griffin Gets Atheism

One of many articles with her posing with a beheaded Trump.

She is a leftist atheist comediennen and she illustrates my point about atheists perfectly: They are absolutely determined to kill anyone who stands in their way. Any human being can be killed if he stands in the way of atheist Leftism.

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Merkel: Trump Is Destroying The Universe

MERKEL is an arch-globalist – and warmunism is the primary weapon of the globalists to enslave all nations under a world dictatorship. So, she doesn’t REALLY believe it. But, she said it: The Paris Climate Treaty is necessary “to preserve creation”. In other words, TRUMP is about to literally destroy all of creation. Source – German State Media:

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Sam Harris And Dawkins Are Intellectual Dwarfs

Atheists like them claim that their rationality alone is sufficient foundation for the Golden Rule (non-initiation of aggression; do to others as you would want to be treated, tit-for-tat).

I have repeatedly called atheists of that kind out and asked them, if you think we’re walking lumps of meat animated by random sparks of electrochemistry then why would killing people be BAD – or evil? Or anything else for that matter?

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Dawkins Explains Homosexuality

Oh, this is great. As an Atheist God, he is in the frying pan of SJW identity politics, so let us see him twitch. Will he call homosexuality a negative mutation? Is it a purely learned behaviour (meaning, we could wipe it out by simple education)?

I can’t wait to hear the God of Atheism explain it to us walking lumps of meat.

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