Shädiläy! Pepe Is Dead! Kek Has Risen!

Of course, Americans have no clue what an Umlaut is but since Motörhead they know it means Heavy Metal. When Mötley Crü went on a tour in Germany, all the Germans were screamin “MÖT-LEY CRÜ” and the band had no idea what they were saying as the Germans simply thought it should be PRONOUNCED that way. Well anyway.

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Games: Nier Automata

I’m not playing games, I just watch when the kids are playing; and they don’t play Nier: Automata. So why am I mentioning it here? Well, I just cannot NOT write about it. It would be like not writing about Cowboy Bebop, or the Metropolis Anime. It would feel wrong and I would wake up in the middle of the night and think, damn, I haven’t written about Nier:Automata yet.

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For The Fans Of Hello Kitty And Lovecraftian Horror

Hello Cthulhu. Web comic. Whenever I have a crazy idea – like, how would a combination of Hello Kitty and Cthulhu work out, I first scan the Internet. In this case, somebody else had the idea first.

Lovecraft BTW died aged 46 in relative obscurity; the reason his mythos became ever more dominant in the horror genre is that his will gave it into the public domain – no royalties.

Film: Luc Besson Does “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.”

Good to see that France preserves its main cultural achievement on the Big Screen before perishing. VALERIAN is the best comic ever drawn, author Christin, illustrator Maiziere; a SF-time travel-secret agent-love affair mix that produced 30 or so comic albums since 1967 to the present.

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