Comics: Frank Miller: Father Of The Alt Right

youtuber “Comics & Diversity” mentioned Frank Miller. He’s 60 years old now and he invented the modern “dark” Batman in his 1987 epos The Dark Knight Rises which got turned into successful movies in the 2000’s, turning comical Crime Fighter Batman from the 1960ies (which I love, esp. the TV series with Adam West and Julie Newmar as Catwoman) into a “realistic” desperate hero for grown ups.

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Comic: More About Marvel’s Collapse

Interesting, because it is such a perfect example of the fate of an SJW-converged organisation. There’s no turning back, this is a total wipe out. AND, I found the channel of “Diversity & Comics”, a comic creator himself who churns out tons of detailed analysis for a month now. And he’s sardonic. Which I like.

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Comic: A Comparative Analysis Of Supergirl Vs. Powergirl

We all witnessed the devolution of Marvel into a SJW mess with no more artistic or storywriting capability. Their arch nemesis DC on othe other hand is outright boring in the maintaining of reasonably high standards of depicting the superhero physique and inventing suffenciently consistent nonsense stories around it.

So I was very glad to find this detailed analysis of the differences in the appearances of Supergirl and her genetically identical Cryptonian parallel universe clone Powergirl; and the reasons thereof. This is exactly what we need.

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