Comics: Ethan Van Sciver Has A Youtube Channel

The Underground Geek mentioned it. Haven’t watched anything for now but Van Sciver is a DC comics pro and sketches things live while filming so that might be exciting.

Here’s the link. ComicArtistPro Secrets


Devolution: How Gullibility Destroys The Entertainment Industry

When I’m not busy following the destruction of German cities through mass importation of illegal immigrants perfectly incapable of living in a society, I’m currently captivated by the collapse of MARVEL comics. You know I had an omnibus edition of the first Stan Lee / Jack Kirby comics so I know ALL the origin stories of ALL the IMPORTANT MARVEL characters. How could a company so smart collapse so hard? Sales are currently down 25% year on year.

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Comics: Frank Miller: Father Of The Alt Right

youtuber “Comics & Diversity” mentioned Frank Miller. He’s 60 years old now and he invented the modern “dark” Batman in his 1987 epos The Dark Knight Rises which got turned into successful movies in the 2000’s, turning comical Crime Fighter Batman from the 1960ies (which I love, esp. the TV series with Adam West and Julie Newmar as Catwoman) into a “realistic” desperate hero for grown ups.

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