US University Antifa Professor Caused Charlottesville Pile-Up

Dwayne Dixon, Antifa/”Redneck Revolt” member and US university professor, chased James Fields with his Ar 15 rifle, causing Fields to jump into his Charger and fleeing, obviously in panic causing the car pile up – which in turn led to the fatal heart attack of one overweight member of the crowd the cars got shoved into.

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Interesting connections. RWL = Revolutionary Workers League, commies. NAMBLA = North American Man Boy Love Association, pedos. BAMN = By Any Means Necessary, College-based Antifa. RWL collaborated with NAMBLA back in the 70ies, and later birthed BAMN.

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Are the Leftists The Real Fascists?

Many people claim this again and again, “AntiFa are the real fascists”. This shows the complete lack of historical knowledge. It was fascism that was created AFTER communism / anarchism and mimicked the communist-anarchist street terror methods. AntiFa is not copying anyone: They have always been genuine communists and have always used genuine communist street terror methods.

Don’t call them the real fascists. They are normal communists.

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Britanny Pettybone From The Frankfurt Book Fair AntiFa Fracas

Britanny accompanied Martin Sellner, Austrian Generation Identitaire leader, to his planned book presentation at left-leaning Frankfurt Book Fair. Of course the event was disrupted by screaming and whistling Antifa operatives. The right wing audience shouted them down with ease. Police ended the reading.

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JUNCKER, Unelected Ruler Of EU, Applauds MERKEL’s 200,000 Per Year Lower Limit For Further “Refugee” Intake

JUNCKER, chief promoter of Islamisation of Europe and boss of EU Commission, congratulated CDU/CSU for their decision of trying to take in up to 200,000 “refugees” from Africa and all Islamic countries per year. CDU/CSU want to awaken the impression this is an UPPER limit without saying it, but the decision explicitly states that NOBODY will be turned back so it’s actually a target number – which can be exceeded any time, which JUNCKER understood clearly.

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