AntiFa, KomIntern, Palace Of The Soviets

Origin of the term AntiFa, 1920ies, Italy. Basically, AntiFa = Komintern:
Antifaschistische Aktion
KomIntern was dissolved by Stalin in 1942. It was a terrorist underground across Western Europe to take Europe by October revolution style “Color Revolutions” / terror war.

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AntiFa Berkeley: SloMo Analysis

Interesting video: A bunch of Antifa push a dumpster through the street, fotographers and Trumpsters retreat, then, one of the AntiFa runs at one of the Trumpsters, and immediately gets caught and fleeced by four guys who take his helmet and goggles and mask, and let him escape back into his AntiFa crowd.

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Groups, Stories, Movements And Their Collapse

Some of my word definitions that need to be written down as a basis for future analysis; which will enable us to make accurate predictions and save our money and our life from being engulfed in wholesale annihilation.

Philosophy is the preparation for war.

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Germany: Video From AfD Congress, AntiFa Blockade Attempts

The very good German blog and Alt Media outlet metropolico from Munich has video from Cologne last weekend, where AfD members had to run a gamut protected by police to reach the Maritim Hotel in the city centre where the congress was held, while AntiFa members tried to block their way, jeer at them and tried to throw punches.

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