German Antifarian Becomes Identitarian


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Google About To Punch Water. Hard.

Google cracks down on non-leftist thought at youtube by letting the ADL do the censoring. They just wiped Jordan Peterson’s account, no reason given, and reinstated it a few days later – with no statement – as Peterson was raising a stink.

Now, everyone sees what Google does.

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Patreon Kicks Out Terrorist Group “It’s Going Down”

After Patreon kicked out Lauren Southern, people discovered that Patreon is perfectly fine with supporting the leftist terrorist group It’s Going Down or IGD which advocates for instance sabotage of train tracks and other violent acts.

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Patreon Supports Communist Revolutionaries

Patreon has kicked out Lauren Southern, saying, her intent of going on a boat of Generation Identitaire, who say they will rescue Libyan “refugees” and move them back to Libya – in accordance with Maritime Law – “endangers lifes”.

Patreon at the same time supports “It’s Going Down”, a leftist extremist movement that promotes sabotage and violence to destroy Western society.

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Polish MP Korwin-Mikke: The EU Must Be Destroyed

Also; he gets interviewed by Pierce Morgan. Astonishingly Pierce Morgan is not the biggest pig at the BBC, but then, the competition at the Fabian socialist BBC is stiff.

I feel entitled to use the word pig because it is part of Pierce Morgan’s vernacular as you shall witness.

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