Polish MP Korwin-Mikke: The EU Must Be Destroyed

Also; he gets interviewed by Pierce Morgan. Astonishingly Pierce Morgan is not the biggest pig at the BBC, but then, the competition at the Fabian socialist BBC is stiff.

I feel entitled to use the word pig because it is part of Pierce Morgan’s vernacular as you shall witness.

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MERKEL’s “Conservative” CDU And ANTIFA Want The Same Thing

I don’t get tired pointing this out. As we all know, Merkel has in 2015 invited all Muslim “refugees” to Germany and de facto illegally removed all borders; violating the Schengen treaty conditions and German constitutional law which says that only people from neighbouring countries can apply for asylum.

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Comics: Frank Miller: Father Of The Alt Right

youtuber “Comics & Diversity” mentioned Frank Miller. He’s 60 years old now and he invented the modern “dark” Batman in his 1987 epos The Dark Knight Rises which got turned into successful movies in the 2000’s, turning comical Crime Fighter Batman from the 1960ies (which I love, esp. the TV series with Adam West and Julie Newmar as Catwoman) into a “realistic” desperate hero for grown ups.

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The Game: German Kids Make Leftist Teacher Quit

This from the beast itself: the leftist-Globalist SPIEGEL, owned by the tax-free foundation BERTELSMANN, the globalist media goliath of Germany, incessantly promoting border abolition, mass immigration, diversity and full spectrum cultural marxism, mostly with their Idiocracy TV network RTL.

So. Leftist woman studies to become a teacher and gets her first classes. What happens next? Will Muslim kids demand she wear a Burqa? Nope. Worse. Much worse.

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