The BAIZOU Is Going Extinct

The Baizou or GREAT WHITE Leftist – with its figurehead MERKEL – is going the way of the Khmer Rouge. The Whites amongst Generation Z are voting nearly exclusively right wing. I don’t use “conservative” here because conservatives have conserved nothing. The term is meaningless.

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Alternative Hypothesis

Alternative Hypothesis is a Youtube channel that over the past months regularly plucked Kraut & Tea’s videos apart. In other words, a race realist who claims that there are genetic differences between races also with regards to average IQ.

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Organizer Of KILROY “Free Speech Event” Caught Participating In Deplatforming Conspiracy

Kraut & Tea started his discord server to doxx Alt Right race realists, to drive them off the Internet, like he previously succeeded in against a woman under the name Rage After Storm. One of the participants of that server was Based Mama, a Phoenix based organizer of a free speech event called KILROY. In other words: Free Speech For Me But For Not Thee.

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Mr. Metokur About The Kraut & Tea Saga

Kraut&Tea, a mixed-German-Jewish-English youtuber, went on the warpath against a girl with a small youtube channel called Rage After Storm 6 months ago when she endorsed Race Realism. K&T assembled his crack team of Youtube scientists and made it his mission to debunk Race Realism (which holds that average IQ varies with race).

Over the course of half a year K&T became the butt of jokes and memes and scientific derision. His main point was that only genetic evidence counts and geneticists can’t explain IQ variance very well for now.

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Kraut&Tea Runs Offensive, Implodes

Kraut&Tea recently went on a rampage trying to disprove the heritability of IQ, went more and more insane, culminating in him running a Discord Server with some of the Youtube “Skeptic” community where they tried to doxx as many of their perceived enemies – which they hold to be the “Alt Right” – as possible.

This is an ongoing mental collapse. In the past Kraut & Tea criticized Islamisation of the West and SJW’s in general, now he’s on a warpath against “race realists” – which are those people who claim that the measured average IQ differences between races actually do have a genetic basis. He’s basically not capable of admitting defeat.

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