Google About To Punch Water. Hard.

Google cracks down on non-leftist thought at youtube by letting the ADL do the censoring. They just wiped Jordan Peterson’s account, no reason given, and reinstated it a few days later – with no statement – as Peterson was raising a stink.

Now, everyone sees what Google does.

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Hamburg Jihadist Knife Murder

On FR, JUL 28, 2017, a “refugee” from UAE of “Palestinian” origin, coming in during MERKEL’s mass migration campaign in 2015, attacked random Germans in a supermarket in Barmbek, Hamburg, a wealthy quarter north of the Alster, killing a 50 year old German and continuing to stab as he wan away, injuring five more.

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Netflix Says Homosexuality Is Advantageous To Survival

Netflix (and Bunim-Murray Productions, see here) hired the world class evolutionist Bill Nye and a person wearing black PVC who may or may not be Katy Perry – I didn’t pay attention – to tell the world that homosexuality and other forms of the Lambda Gamma Beta Theta variety are the next step in evolution i.e. that they offer a selective advantage.

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Germany: Video From AfD Congress, AntiFa Blockade Attempts

The very good German blog and Alt Media outlet metropolico from Munich has video from Cologne last weekend, where AfD members had to run a gamut protected by police to reach the Maritim Hotel in the city centre where the congress was held, while AntiFa members tried to block their way, jeer at them and tried to throw punches.

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The Transformation Of Moldylocks

Moldylocks is the dreadlocked Antifa girl at the Battle Of Berkley who got punched in the face after throwing dozens of glass bottles at right wingers heads and then getting into a close range fight. Her real name seems to be Louise Rosealma.

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