Are The AfD Nazis?

As usual, the MSM are churning out the caterwauling at max speed. Calling the Alternative Für Deutschland Nazis, dangerous, right wing extreme etc.

AfD just made 13% in the German Federal Election. So is there anything to what German and intl MSM are saying?

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Google SJW’s Do Not Want You To Know About Abuse Of German Children

Because the perpetrators are the Muslim “refugees” imported by MERKEL and her party, the nominally conservative CDU. The Google SJW’s have therefore put a video by Black Pigeon Speaks detailing and sourcing the sexual abuse epidemic into limited state.

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Keeping Crime Numbers Low In USA And Germany

Here’s how they do it in NYC. NYC under Blasius is safer than ever in history. Well you call the cops and the cops say, Whatcha want us to do, make a police report? What good would THAT do? Assuming you are still in an upright position.

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Oldest Zero Dated To 200 AD

Oldest symbolic representation of the zero, represented by a dot, dated to an age of 1800 years, reports SPIEGEL here.  Found in a tutorial for merchants found in Pakistan.

Usually the zero was supposed to have been invented in India in 900 AD. But, it’s older than that.


Romans BTW were master engineers – yet they had a ludicrously complicated number system, making it impossible for them to do e.g. as complicated astronomical calculations like the Mayas did at the same time. The reason for their inability was that they had no zero and had to use different symbols for each magnitude. X for ten, C for hundred etc.

That’s why the zero is such an important symbol.