Autumn Storm Paralyses Railways In Northern Germany

After a 2 hour storm front on Thursday (Storm “Xavier”, and no, that’s a French or English name but not a German one, guess German meteorologists are keen to show their multiculturalism) wreaked havoc on the North German plains and coast, throwing trees down, killing 7 people with said trees, all far distance trains in the North got cancelled. Now I was travelling a day later, on Friday, expecting services to be back up but no such luck.

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The Left Becomes Islamic

The Left is so infiltrated by Muslim immigrants that they ditch their last intellectuals, the Four Horsemen of New Atheism, because the horsemen criticize Islam like they criticized Christianity.

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Germany: Video From AfD Congress, AntiFa Blockade Attempts

The very good German blog and Alt Media outlet metropolico from Munich has video from Cologne last weekend, where AfD members had to run a gamut protected by police to reach the Maritim Hotel in the city centre where the congress was held, while AntiFa members tried to block their way, jeer at them and tried to throw punches.

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