Humanity Creates Furby Organ

Video follows. Guy is a bit annoying but, watch it through, it’s so great.

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Soviet Film: Хоббит

Yeah that’s right. HOBBIT. Because, there’s no articles in Russian.

The five year plan for special effects, well that fell a little bit short. So here’s a blatant rip-off of Tolkien as told by Soviet television. Contrary to Peter Jackson, they at least managed to tell the full book in 75 minutes.

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MERKEL Party At 23% Approval

MERKEL from the CDU has tried for 4 months now to form a government. She now has an agreement with the SPD. And when we talk about the CDU we must remember that the CDU is not present in Bavaria; they are in a constant alliance with the only-Bavarian CSU which is way more conservative than the CDU.

The latest polls show the following approval ratings: SPD: 16%; CDU: 23% – putting their followers in relation to all of Germany  – CSU: 6.5%.  Giving a total of 46% ; 4 months ago during the election this coalition got 52%.

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US University Antifa Professor Caused Charlottesville Pile-Up

Dwayne Dixon, Antifa/”Redneck Revolt” member and US university professor, chased James Fields with his Ar 15 rifle, causing Fields to jump into his Charger and fleeing, obviously in panic causing the car pile up – which in turn led to the fatal heart attack of one overweight member of the crowd the cars got shoved into.

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